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June 2008

What Clients Have to Say about their Style Angel experience

Margot Cairnes, Founder of Zaffyre International from Clontarf booked in for a Wardrobe Organisation in May 2007 and Personal Shopping Experiences in May, June and August 2007 as well as June 2008. In Januari 2008 she booked in for a Commitment Ceremony Styling for her and her Partner.

"Angela has changed my life. First she arrived and convinced me to throw out all my clothes. This was relatively easy because a) I had recently lost 13 kilos and b) I was undergoing a massive change of life style and new clothes were in order. Then she took me shopping and we had a ball. I have never really enjoyed shopping but shopping with Angela is plain fun. When I wear what we bought together I get a response from people that is enviable. I feel better, look better and enjoy life more. Angela has helped me find and build on my own sense of style. I now love clothes, love dressing up and, feel more feminine than I have in years. My life has many aspects family, social and business. Angela was able to help me find what was right for me in each situation. The impact of my new image on those around me has already brought Angela a lot of new clients – I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to upgrade their image in line with their personality and life style."

Gillian from Bellevue Hill booked in for a Personal Shopping Experience in June 2008.

"For anyone thinking of seeking advice from a personal stylist I can fully recommend Angela from Style Angel Corporation. I had the pleasure of spending 3and 1/2 hours with her last Friday and I feel it was the best shopping investment I have ever made. In our initial contact Angela had already given me some homework to do and so when she arrived at my home she came with a printout already full of tips for me and a colour analysis chart. Angela first scanned my existing wardrobe and offered many new and exciting suggestions to utilizing my clothes. Also with great tact and diplomacy she pointed out my shopping mistakes and gave me the reasons for them. Every one of these were the outfits that when I have got them home and put them on I have never felt right in them and back they go into the wardrobe, now thanks to Angela I know why.She also picked out the clothes that I feel good wearing and also explained the reasons why. Finishing wardrobe analysis we headed for the shopping mall.Not only was there the fun of getting new outfits but the next 2and 1/2 hours with Angela changed the way I approach shopping. I learnt how to quickly scan racks and how to know what clothes would be worth trying on. Angela had inquired about my budget and although that was not a great concern to me I finished up purchasing outfits in a range of prices.A pair of pants cost me just $49 and one of my tops was $19 both of which look great on me, so whatever your budget I am sure Angela will find you something. We also headed for the lingerie department where the bra fitting was the most "uplifting" experience and I fully recommended to any lady if they have never had a professional bra fitment to go and get one. From my time spent with Angela I am confident that I have learnt to shop productively and avoid the costly mistakes made in the past.Her invaluable advice has already given rise to many positive comments from friends and colleagues and I am no longer standing in front of my wardrobe lamenting the fact I have nothing to wear. nbsp;Thanks Angela not only are you a lovely person to have met but you have increased my confidence and self assurance."

Irena from Kiara (WA) purchased a Fashion Styling Online Profile website in May 2008

"I have just received the pack which I ordered from my Red Balloon voucher and downloaded my Fashion Styling Online Profile. It was so informative and so interesting that I sat went through the whole thing which took over 2 hours on my computer. One thing that I noticed was how similar my own clothing style selections were to those recommended on this program. Now I know where I went wrong, not with the styles I used to choose, but with the colours!! All the 'great, good, and good only if,' seemed to match all my clothing selections, and it was good to know that I seem to select clothing items which complement my size and body shape. However I still was not too happy with my wardrobe and couldn't work out why. Now I realise that colour wise, I did not have enough mix and match outfits and this made my wardrobe not work to well for me. Thanks to this informative guide you sent me, I now know what I need to do (especially getting rid of some of the ghastly prints I have accumulated) I have too many either dark colours and very light colours, and not enough medium colours to soften the look. Happily I can remedy this and I am sure it will make a huge difference to my wardrobe. Thank you so much for this fashion styling program. I had such great fun reading it and analysing my good and bad features (which everyone has) I feel I am now armed with a lot more knowledge and style savvy than I ever had before. The booklet provided also had some good examples of the mistakes I have been making for decades. I will take my book and my notes with me on all my shopping expeditions from now on."

Craig from Castle Hill booked in for a Personal Shopping Experience in May 2008

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. I found Angela to be vibrant, energetic and 100% committed. Angela was very professional in her approach and fully understood the need for me to balance my fashion styling between business and pleasure. Angela is a charismatic fashion stylist and you will find that her energy is very contagious with just 2 hours of her time and using her basic fashion principles, I have been able to achieve a style that has enhanced my confidence. I believe the achievements I have now made in business and on a personal level are a direct result of Angela assistance. (First impression count) Thanks again Angela "If you continue to do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got".

Peter from Bondi Junction booked in for a Style and Colour Consultation for Men and Personal Shopping Experience in April 2008

"Fantastic! Angela was great. First time I met her she was very friendly and stylishly dressed. Even down to the last little detail. So I knew I was in good hands. Angela helped me sort out my wardrobe that was in dire straits and showed me how to shop for the right clothes. My wardrobe now, while only small at this stage, is filled with multi-coloured clothes which are not only great for my body and colour, but clothes which I actual feel good wearing. I would definitely recommend Angela to help with getting your style right."

Liliana from Concorde received a Gift Voucher for a Personal Shopping Experience in April 2008

"I received a Gift Voucher for my 40th Birthday for a 3hr session with Angela. We went through my wardrobe and then shopping. A small group of friends had organised to be with me on the day, so it turned out to be a great shared event. Angela was very focused and shared a lot of knowledge with us. Her gentle easy going approach combined with her enthusiasm created a memorable experience we still talk about. And most importantly I now know what colours and styles suit me best and shopping for clothes is so much easier and lots more fun. Its taken the headache out of deciding what will look good and what wont before I even try it on. It was a great gift idea!!! LOVED IT."

Lorraine from Bondi received a Gift Voucher for a Style & Colour Consultation and a Personal Shopping Experience in April 2008

"I was given this as a present from my husband and it is the best present he has ever given me. The highlight was shopping with Angela. She chose colours that I would not have normally looked at and as a result my wardrobe is looking much brighter now. The shopping style guides are fantastic and I actually spend less time shopping because I know exactly what I want before I go."

A visit from the Style Angel...

Cosmopolitan Web ed Lauren gets a style makeover

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my fashion frustration. As a Cosmo newbie, I was overwhelmed by my incredibly on-trend colleagues and their amazing revolving wardrobes.

Don't get me wrong ... I'm no 'before' shot. I wear nice clothes, but I'm not very adventurous with my wardrobe. I believe that the little black dress is God's gift to girls, and on weekends, I'm rarely out of my favourite jeans-and-cute-shirt combo.

So when Angela Barbagallo of Style Angel Corporation asked me if I'd like to take up her styling services, I was on board faster than you can say "Rachel Zoe".

Barbagallo isn't your typical stylist. She doesn't have celebrity clients and she doesn't work for a newspaper or magazine. She's a stylist for real people, and her job is to help women find the colours, styles and trends that will suit them best.

When Angela arrives at my house early on a Saturday morning, she is immaculately dressed. I have literally just rolled out of bed, and am very glamorously sporting dirty jeans and a pyjama top. Possibly not the best start to my style makeover. I look like the human version of a "renovator's dream house".

First up, Angela and I talk colour. I confess that most of my wardrobe is black, which surprisingly, Angela doesn't object to.

"With your fair complexion and dark eyes, cool tones suit you best," she tells me. "Black works well for you and doesn't wash you out."

So far, so acceptable. Angela does warn me of the dangers of the black trap, though, and encourages me to brave deep purple shades and bold greens and blues. She pulls out a bank of colour swatches and instructs me on the exact gallery of shades that will suit me. Apparently, Angela never goes shopping without one of these handy colour swatches to consult.

Next, we move on to my wardrobe. I show her my favourite pair of skinny jeans (in black, of course, and dark indigo) and she nods approvingly. We trawl through almost every item in my wardrobe, and I find myself giving Angela a brief bio of each piece. Why I bought it, why I like it, why I don't wear it anymore. It's with the last snippet of info that Angela really comes to the rescue. That gorgeous-fitted light-blue shift that makes me look like the emo lovechild of Pete Wentz and Dita von Teese? Why not dye it black, suggests Angela. The $200 jeans whose flared legs are out of vogue now? I could ask a tailor to make the leg a straighter cut, for all of $30. And the amazing winter coat that's too baggy? Easy ... have the buttons altered so they cinch in a little more, or invest in a wide belt for the same effect.

When Angela left, I hit my local shopping centre to check out my favourite chainstores in a bid to add some colour to my wardrobe. A few hours later, I was kitted out with a gorgeous silver knit top, a trendy red trucker print shirt and a glam slate grey pencil mini. As encouraging as it was to hear Angela's advice at home, seeing the effects as I shopped were even better.

The bottom line: having a Style Angel visit might seem expensive, but like any fashion purchase, it's an investment. And more to the point, using the Style Angel services means you'll stop buying clothes that don't fit properly or don't suit you. I think most of us agree that looking good is important, and the great thing about Angela's services is that she plays to each person's strengths. There's only one Gisele and one Miranda, so the rest of us have to stick to what we know best. Angela's strength is articulating exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are, and making women more confident by showing them how to look their very best.

To have your own Style Angel consultation, call Angela on 9520 9940 or visit www.styleangel.com.