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July 2008

Tummy Tuck Jeans by Not Your Daughters Jeans, the most comfortable Jeans you will ever wear!

A friend on mine has found these jeans that were being advertised on TVSN and she bought 3 pairs already and says they are the most comfortable pair she has ever owned. So.... I went and tried them on myself. I looked on their website and found the shop closest to me, Butiga in Cronulla, 76 Cronulla Street, 02 9544 0744, a great little shop with lots of different looks in my opinion for the 40-65+ female age group.

Indeed these jeans felt amazing, I called the head office and asked her a few questions about these jeans and Laura in the Marketing Department told me the following:

Tummy Tuck Jeans by NYDJ why are they great?

These jeans are the most comfortable jeans you will ever wear, designed to suck you in and to make you look and feel 1 size smaller instantly. Women who find it hard to find jeans to fit around the hips without gaping at the waist or women who find it hard to find jeans to fit around the stomach will love these jeans.

The 3 differences why this pair is such a comfortable jean are:

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Finding Jeans to fit.... a head ache or easy???

On Tuesday I gave a workshop in my Engadine Studio on how to find the right pair of jeans. 13 women with all types of different body shapes got lots of tips on what to look for and what styles suit them

"As American as we think denim is, the history of blue jeans goes back to XVI Century Europe. It’s amazing that a product developed 500 years ago fuels today’s multimillion dollar denim industry. Who would have thought back in Genoa in the 1500’s that the material worn by Genovese sailors in their everyday pants would evolve to become the textile and fashion industry phenomenon that denim is today. The story goes that “jean” derives from the word Genoa. It refers to the material that sailors from Genoa used in their pants. This was a coarse cotton-wool and/or linen blend. It originally came from Italy, and is evidence of the custom of naming a material for its place of origin. By the late 16th century, jean was already being produced in Lancashire, England. The composition eventually evolved to 100% cotton by the 18th century. 

Here is what you need to know to find the perfect jeans in a simple step by step process: 

The Basics: 

                    -  Size 

                    -  Style 

                    -  Cut and Fit 

                    -  Wash 

                    -  Embellishments 

Your BodyType: 

That’s all a matter of understanding your figure’s proportions and knowing how to implementing line and de- 

sign principles to create a balanced and harmonious look. Your Personal Style Preferences: 

Selecting the styles, embellishments, fabrics and coordinating accessories that express your individuality. 

 Your Coordination Ability: No garment can be “dressed up” or “down” as successfully as blue jeans. Your choice of hairstyle, eyewear, handbag, belts, and footwear is critical to wearing denim well and appropriately for the occasion at hand. 

Jeans Sizing 

Jeans like all other garments women buy are not consistent nor accurate in their sizing.  Many companies believe (probably correctly) that women prefer to believe and as a result buy, clothing that is labeled smaller than their actual size. In the industry this is known as “vanity sizing’. This makes it necessary for women to research brands that suit them. In the long run this saves a great deal of time and because manufacturers tend to stay true to their sizing you can be assured of a great fit every time. You can also save yourself a great deal of time by measuring the main parameters on a pair that fits you well." (copyright TAIC 2007)

I went looking for sizing table as I know so many clients find it hard to know what size is equivalent to their Australian size. If you would like me to email this chart just send me a quick email on angela@styleangel.com 

The first column is Australian sizing, the 2nd is Approx US sizing and the 3rd column is Jean size in inches. I.e I am a size 8 to 10 so most likely a 27" or 28" is what I should be looking for.

Australian size US Size Jean Size

4    0      24/25”

6 2 26”

8 4 27”

10 6 28”

12 8 29”

14 10 30”

16 12 31”

18 14 32”

20 16 33”

22 18 34”

24 20 35”

A Happy Style Angel Wife

Today my gorgeous Husband Salvatore starts a new job and just recently we bought him a great new navy blue pinstripe D'Urban suit from David Jones in the city (Sydney, Australia). The slim cut double vent suit looks great on his slim rectangle body shape. Think Ferragamo style suit. You see my husband is Australian born from Sicilian parents and has the dark curly hair, dark brown and hazel eyes and gorgeous olive skin which is quite a contrast to my blond, very pale white skin and light blue/grey eyes. Of course I had to do a colour Analysis on him and he is Deep Winter season and so the quite clear and deep cool colours suit him. He can wear black and white really well and on Sal's complexion the navy blue really suits.

Yesterday Sal went out to look for business shirts and really when it comes to slim fitting shirts Herringbone shirts I believe are just amazing. Pretty pricy ($180 and up)  but so worth it, the cut, the fabric and the patterns are great. Even the packaging is just so classy. The good thing is that Herringbone has a factory outlet store in Surry Hills (118 Commonwealth Street, 02 9212 0678 or www.herringbone.com.au ) and until Sunday (28th of July) they are having a great SALE. The shirts are so timeless that it does not matter if they are not the latest collection and the savings are up to $100 sometimes. Needless to say that Sal brought home 3 full shopping bags with 5 new business shirts, 3 ties AND a great navy blue smart casual suit jacket to go with jeans or smart pants. Man, I was glowing from ear to ear, each shirt was just so gorgeous and mixes and matches with his suits and the new ties look great. 

The other tips for guys shirts are the Rhodes & Beckett shirts, they have amazing shirts in the price range of $120 and up and look and feel fantastic. A dressed a client from New Zealand the other day in their shirts and the result was great.

Sal has a very broad chin and his face shape is rectangle and some of his best shirts are the straight or the spread collars that are not too cut away so his face does not look so broad. 

If you ever wanted me to help you with analysing your shape (male or female) just send me a quick image of yourself and I will give you an indication of what your best colours are, your face shape and your body shape so you can look out for the best styles in the shops. Just email me at angela@styleangel.com . The more people know about their best shapes and colours the more we buy things we love wearing.

After Sal's fashion parade of his new purchases he cleaned out all his old shirts and ties and together with his "Deep Winter" colour swatch with his 50 best colours all the great stuff went back in the wardrobe and the things he never wears went out the door. The feeling after a wardrobe clean up and a successful shopping trip are just great so last night I went to sleep a Happy Style Angel........