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February 2009

Tailoring Tips for Him

Tailoring Tips For HIM

Here are some great tips for the Guys so feel free to pass them on to your Husband, Boyfriend, Dad, Brother or Friend.

Perfect Fit
When it comes to finding the right suit jacket it is important to consider button placement, lapels, sleeves, pockets and vents.

A rule of thumb in choosing the correct buttoning is that the middle button of a three button jacket or the top button of a two button jacket is positioned at your navel. Always leave your bottom button undone!

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Tailoring Tips for Her

Tailoring Tips for Her

Looking after your investments that hang in your wardrobe or investments you are contemplating is crucial. On our recent holiday in Phuket we were inundated with tailors who promise everything under the Sun but do they deliver....? After two disappointing tailor experiences in Bangkok we were skeptical but we were pleasantly surprised to find a fresh concept developed by Amorn and his Wife Renu on the island of Phuket that made the whole experience pleasant and successful. Below you find some useful tips on what to look for in the fit of your garments! 

Tips For HER

Perfect Fit

The Perfect Jacket is very personal and depends on your body shape, height and length of your legs. Jackets with three buttons offer women the best all round look. Make sure that at least one button sits on the natural waistline. The length of your jacket is crucial, a jacket length that comes to your knuckles is flattering on most women. If you feel that this length is not sufficient enough to cover your thighs it will need to be lengthened to suit your proportions.

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