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April 2009

Shopping in Your Own Wardrobe

I have a seen a recent shift in client's desire to get real with their wardrobe and I have helped clean up many of my client's wardrobes over the last months before hitting the shops for a shopping expedition. They discovered "The Staples", "The Goners", "The What was I thinking?", "The Unexpected Stayers and Great Buys" and the "Fantastic Colours". But most importantly we simplified their wardrobe, identified the Gaps and created a good starting point. One of my online clients called it "Shopping In My Wardrobe" and I just love that so hopefully it will inspire you to do the same!

I have said it before in previous newsletters but over and over I see people being extremely bored and unhappy with their wardrobe and needless to say only the favorites get worn leaving about 80% sitting there gathering dust (and working on your conscience). If you do the sums that works out to be at least $6000 tied up in your wardrobe with items you don't like and don't wear.

So why not take a different approach and stop this cycle this month and set a goal for having a wardrobe where you love all of it! The weather is getting cooler so a perfect time to start.

Here are some Quick Tips:

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Current Fashion Findings of a Style Angel - 2nd April 2008

As promised in the March Newsletter (to subscribe please go to www.styleangel.com) I would keep you informed of my fashion picks in the stores.

I will cover a lot of the brands that you will see in the shops and recommend certain styles and shapes and recommend which would work for what body shapes. If you don't know your body shape have a look at our December '08 archived Blog about Bodyshapes and Styles for some recommended styles or email me and I will give you a Complimentary Body Shape Analysis with a PDF dedicated to great styles for you to wear.

Brands that I look at on a daily basis for my Style Angel clients are (in no order of importance, every brand is different and their look is suited to a certain clientele):

Cue, Diana Ferrari, Veronika Maine, Witchery, Sportscraft, Satch, Cue, Basque, Review, JacquiE,David Lawrence, Jigsaw, Table Eight, Saba, Marcs, Esprit, Jane Lamerton, Wish, Seduce, Cooper St., Wayne Cooper, Anthea Crawford, Scanlan & Theodore, Escada, Lisa Ho, Carla Zampati, Herringbone, Simona, Charlie Brown, Feathers, Numerous Plus size brands, Portmans, Just Jeans, Jeans West, General Pants, Country Road, Jag, Colorado, Events, Kookai, Sussans, Target, Giordano, Nine West, Diva, Equip, Mollini, Steve Madden, Wanted and many more stores and brands.

I have to start somewhere with my tips or you so how about I start with my recent successful pickings....

Country Road: they are geneous at the singlets that look great on tops to bring a different (read sometimes more flattering) close to your face or to prevent tops from being too low, gaping shirts due to large bustsize or wrap dresses that cross over too low. I wear them almost every day and I love the formal no t-shirt look of them and the fact that sit quite tight so it enhances my curves. I clip them under my underwear so they don't roll up. I also love the rounded/natural bustline which sits well under any neckline.

Below is an example of me wearing a soft pink one coming straight from a client to a 2 year old birthday party (feeling a little overdressed for jumping on the trampoline). Country Road brings out new colours each season and yesterday in the City Pitt Street store I saw 2 versions, Spaghetti straps and wider band in white, soft pink, light grey, burgundy, warm dark blue, dark charcoal, black, black/white stripes, cool red. The stores are usually better stocked than the concessions in Myer and David Jones. Sizes are S-M-L with quite a bit of stretch, I was them every week with the normal light coloured wash and they come up great. They are around $34.95

Have a look on the Country Road website for their latest fashions (it does not have a picture of the singlets on it though)

Angela in Country Road singlet