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September 2009

61st Emmy Award Red Carpet Looks

I love my award shows and thanks to TIVO I was able to tape the 61st Emmy's to check out the dresses in my own time.

It must be so much fun finding the dress, looking gorgeous and having serious bling on your arm.

Forgive me if the dress is not linked to the name of the Actress or TV series, I am more interested in how the line/design and colours work on the girl.

Some honorary mentions are Toni Collette's dress, she looked great. Sigourney Weaver looked amazing in presenting the last Emmy of the night, the colour looks great on her warm complexion and the shape was very forgiving on her great fugure.

The male presenter look a million bucks too in his white tux. Justin Timberlake could have looked better though, his jacket looked too short and his pants way to big.

I have say Glenn Close's outfit and hair were not my favorite, the black made her look drawn and only the back was a little interesting.


 This dress is just lovely on her, the shape is great but the colour is on the edge of what looks great on her fair feautures. Reds are not the easiest to pull off when you are blond and light skinned and her face looks a little lost in the whole outfit.


The purple dress below looks great on her, the off the shoulder works well for girls who are are not too heavy in the bust and this colour looks amazing on her dark features. Even though purple is a colour that suits everyone (unlike black) the intensity is what can make or break the look. The fact that she has dark hair, a great spray tan and dark eyes make this a perfect choice for her.


The colour of this dress suits her warm complexion but the style and fabric does not do her any favours. The bust line make her boobs look huge and the fabric reminds me of a curtain.


Christine Applegate is gorgeous and she often gets it right on the red carpet but this time the colour and weird shape of the dress does not work for her.


Simply stunning and elegant!!!!!!! Go Rose!!ActressJa_Mathe_58427203_Ma

Simply stunning, this Versace dress really brings out a great feminine shape!!!!!!!

Skin and Detox Spa Gift for our Runner Up of the Head-to-Toe-Makeover Competition

IMGP0865 Our lucky runner-up of the Head-to-Toe Makeover Competition, Theresa Fitzgibbon (pictured right) was presented with a beautiful range of Arbonne Swiss Formulated Skin Care by Denise Farrell, Area Manager Australia Arbonne International (pictured left). 

Of special note was the array of Seasource Detox Spa Products which are inspired by the ocean. Drawn from the finest European spa therapies that stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out.

Style Angel Clients are invited to Take a Spa Journey anytime with SeaSource Detox Spa and enjoy more radiant, healthy looking skin and well being.

Detoxification is vital to well being, as a healthy diet and exercise.  Without proper cleansing, toxins can build up and overwhelm the body, leading to premature ageing and dry or dull looking skin.  This Swiss Skin Care Company leads the way with this Skin and Detox Spa. 

Stimulate…Your Spa journey begins by stimulating the skins surface to help encourage its natural purification, preparing it to fully experience the benefits of a consistent skin care regime.

Strenghthen…Continue your spa journey with beneficial formulas that contain plant extracts with vitamins and sea minerals for skin hydration.

Support…Extend the benefits of your spa journey by cleansing external toxins to achieve an optimised state of beauty

To find out more about this amazing Swiss Skin Care Range 


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Witchery Mid Season Sale

Just received this on my email!

Witchery Man                            and                                                   Witchery



2009_09_witchery_mo4_05  2009_09_witchery_mo4_06

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Mix and Match Wardrobe for Her

I am so excited as this month the Fitness First Magazine Australia has published a Style Angel article in conjunction with Suellen from Transforme and I wanted to share a few snippets with you. If you would like a copy of the article printed from the Fitness First Magazine just click here.


Get out of the cycle of wearing 20 per cent of your wardrobe 80 per cent of the time, by ‘shopping in your own wardrobe’ before hitting the shops. This way you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t, to help you determine what’s missing and what needs replacing.

Think about your lifestyle and choose your core pieces accordingly. For example, if you have a corporate job and an often-busy social life with dinner and drinks out, you should choose dressier tops, pants, shoes and accessories. If, however, your social life revolves more around the home and kids with casual get-togethers, you should choose more casual core pieces that are comfortable and easy.
Accessories are the key to making your core pieces work on every occasion. Invest about 30 per cent of your shopping budget in accessories like bags, shoes, jewellery and scarves. Choose pieces for both day and evening, so you are ready for any event. Remember, the more trans-seasonal your wardrobe, the more wear you will get out of all of your pieces. Use layers, cardigans, tights and scarves to make it work.
What core pieces do you really need?
Keep in mind that quality materials will stand the test of time. Colours and fabrics that work well together will create an abundance of outfits and remember that less is often more! here are some suggestions:
1. Classic well cut pair of pin-stripe bootleg pants in charcoal or black
2. straight skirt black or charcoal pinstripe 
3. A pair of pants in dark denim or other dark finish and bootleg cut.
4. four classic work shirts in neutral colours that suit you.
5. two dressy tops for going out. A satin and chiffon finish instantly creates the dressy look
6. One LBD
7. two casual tops or t-shirts
8. A black jacket with one or two buttons and well tailored to suit your shape
9. A cardigan
10. One winter coat


Now believe it or not, with just these 15 items, by adding in appropriate accessories or other clothing items (e.g., belts, scarves, shoes, singlets, stockings) you can create over 85 different outfits appropriate for the office, social, casual and evening events!

Now you have the basics, here are the Mix and Match essentials to pull it all together:

  • A great quality wide belt worn around your waist over a dress or on a straight skirt with your shirt or cardigan tucked in.
  • Pashmina scarves in colours you love, easy to fit in your bag and great to keep you warm when you are on the town.
  • A pair of high quality Opaque stockings with a nice pattern, great to wear with your stilettos or boots under a skirt, or casually with a pair of flats and a casual skirt.
  • A pair of great black boots that fit well around the calves and look great under dress pants, over or under jeans and under skirts. A pointier toe will make your feet look longer and a round toe will make your feet look smaller.
  • A great pair of black flats; round toe, pointed, embellishments, pick your favorite and you won’t take them off. Also great to wear to and from work to protect your feet and back as an alternative to the ugly sneaker-under-pants look)
  • At least one pair of heels for work and one for going out. Pick your favorite and make sure they are comfortable to walk in. No need for pain in times of pleasure.
  • Singlets with a great neckline to wear under your tops and shirts to create a contrast or different neckline and yet another look. Choose great colours you know will fit all shirts and cardigans
  • Accessories that you love, find great colours and interesting pieces that suit Your Look. Great to find pieces on trips away to remember the great times when you are back.
  • Handbags to suit your Life Styles, at least one day bag and night bag is essential. Bags will last a while so pick great classic colours like black, tan and purple to get maximum Mix and Match benefits)
  • Your signature Perfume (Style Tip; spraying perfume in your neck can cause extra sun damage and might stain your necklace. Good application spots are decollate, inside of the elbow and inside of the knees)

Here is How do you pull off the Day to Night Look effortlessly....

  1. Kick off your shoes and replace them with a nice pair of patent peep-toe stilettos
  2. Replace your shirt with a fitted top in a nice Satin or Chiffon in a great colour
  3. Wear your pinstripe work pants, your nice jeans or a sexy black straight skirt 
  4. Change your day jewellery with some sparklers in your neck and ears
  5. Touch up your make up and use a little more eye pencil to create a smokey look and add a little lipgloss to your favorite lipstick shade for luscious lips
  6. Change over your handbag to a handheld clutch to fit your essentials.
  7. Grab your pashmina, add a touch of your favorite perfume and you will be ready to hit the town in style.
Here are some Mix and Match Basics to get you in the mood!

ProdImage.ms 35 ProdImage.ms 11ProdImage.ms 27 ProdImage.ms 12 ProdImage.ms 4 ProdImage.ms 29LBD ProdImage.ms 3 ProdImage.ms 39W602267ma_th W702208waw_th AR0172 Whatsin_navy_lrg_03 ProdImage.ms 57 Access_650_lrg 611056bl_th 611070bp_th Bag2 Access_685_lrg 

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Mix and Match Wardrobe for Him

How you present yourself affects how people perceive you, trust you, want to give you their business, want to date you. So the small details of the way you take pride in finishing off a look can go a long way.
Here are some simple style tips to make your look sharp:
Invest in a good suit so the jacket can be worn on jeans and other pants, the pants can be dressed up or down. Make sure the sleeves of your suit finish at the base of the thumb to leave room for a great looking shirt with cuffs to finish off a sharp look.

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Witchery Man

On one of my shopping trips I saw the great looking store of Witchery Man at Warringah Mall.

Here are some of the new Looks that have just come through!

Witchery Man is for sale online and in the following NSW stores:

Centro Bankstown
Westfield Bondi Junction
Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre
Warringah Mall

2009_09_witchery_mo3_06 2009_09_witchery_mo3_07


Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
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