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Inverted Triangle Body Shape Fashion Do's and Don'ts

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Inverted Triangle Shape
The aim is to create balance with the upper and lower body by creating the impression of a wider bottom and drawing attention away from the upper body.


  • Use Horizontal lines lower body
  • Use Vertical lines upper body
  • A draping dress that curves in all the right places (jersey accentuates your shape)
  • Dresses that flow through the waist
  • A fluting skirt with a flaring hemline to balance top and lower half.
  • A draping skirt that gathers on the hips (jersey is great).
  • A-line skirts
  • A coat with buttons that sit underneath the bust.
  • Set in sleeves
  • Side shaped garments
  • Good fitting bras
  • Shape wear that shapes from the bust and finishes at the bottom.
  • Flared Pants


  • Stiff fabrics
  • Emphasizing waist
  • Full sleeves
  • Big Collar
  • Tapered pants
  • Chunky knit sweaters
  • Double breasted jackets
  • Shift dresses
  • Polo necks
  • High wasted trousers
  • Bolero jackets
  • Elaborate necklaces
  • Shapeless floatie dresses
  • Three quarter sleeves or sleeves that finish at the bust line
  • Cut away shoulders
  • Scooped necklines
  • Shoulder pads

Famous Inverted Triangles

Susan Sarandon, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman Renee Zellweger, Catharina Zeta Jones

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