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Inverted Triangle Body Shape Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Oval and Diamond Body Shape Fashion Do's and Don'ts

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Oval and Diamond Shape
  • Appearance of being round especially in the torso area.
  • The waist is undefined.
  • Oval shape has a low stomach and a Diamond shape has a high stomach that give the appearance of being pregnant.
  •  A tendency to have love handles.
  • The aim is to visually elongate the body and pull the attention toward the head and shoulders.
  • Draw attention away from the middle area upward to the face, shoulder and neck areas.
  • By creating length in the torso you will have a longer more flattering silhouette.

  • Semi-fitted, boxy and soft silhouettes
  • Low necklines
  • Tops and blouses worn out
  • T-shirts that are rushed in the middle (make sure they are long enough)
  • A wide V-neck breaks up the size of your chest
  • A straight duster coat worn against contrasting colours and fabrics will break your body up into three long slim slices. Make sure the jacket finishes above the knee if you are short.
  • Vertical design influence from the top to bottom
  • Well fitting bras
  • Support garments for your torso
  • Flat front straight and soft pants
  • Straight and subtly flared skirts
  • Loose fitting garments
  • Dresses that flow through the waistline
  • High placed focal points.

  • High Necklines
  • Over embellishments
  • Pleats
  • Waist emphasis
  • Belts
  • Tucking tops in
  • Large lapes
  • Full sleeves
  • Tight t-shirts
  • High waisted pants
  • Pleated waists
  • Puffa jackets
  • Men’s jackets

Famous Oval & Diamond

Kathy Bates, Beth Ditto

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