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April 2010

We are looking for 5 Dynamic Leaders to attract, coach & empower a Team of Women based on our 100% Success Coaching System.

We are looking for 5 Dynamic Leaders to attract, coach & empower a Team of Women based on our 100% Success Coaching System.

Each woman in your team creates income by running Swiss Beauty Workshops with our Ultra Premium Swiss Skin Care Face & Body Ranges &  our Beautiful Science Cosmetics as well as attracting other incredible women to join your team. 

This is the right time and right industry to be in as Social Networking is huge, Online Shopping and Direct Selling opportunities are incredible and Baby Boomers (Anti-aging market) are always wanting to look younger so you create opportunities in a recession proof industry!

So there are significant income opportunities for the right candidates to turn DOOM and Gloom into Beauty and BOOM!

The Right Candidate

We are looking for 5 Dynamic Women who are ready to take on this exiting opportunity and have the opportunity to create significant income opportunities as well as Company incentives such as Overseas trips and a Luxury Car just to name a few.

The right candidate will recognize the following key attributes we find catapults our team to great results:

A “Can Do” Approach
Ready to commit to building an incredible team of women
Problem solving ability
Desire and Faith to reach incredible results
Long term vision
Being Coachable and having a Coaching Ability
Positive, Outgoing and a Lover of People
A Self Starter, Action taker and Decision Maker
Passion for Empowering Women
A sense of Humour
Able to deal with rejection
Computer literate
Access to a car

If this is YOU... we would love to hear from you! Please contact Angela Barbagallo on 02 9520 9940 or email beauty@styleangel.com

The Right Team

We have excellent training systems in place to ensure new consultants who are willing to follow our systems have 100% Success in their business.

We coach every one to a level of confidence so they feel competent in achieving great results!

We give each team member an incredible amount of support through one on one and team based coaching sessions.

The Right Product

Our Ultra Premium Swiss Skin Care Products are at the cutting edge of anti-aging skin care technology and our Swiss formulated products are giving women millions of women in Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom amazing results.

Our Ultra Premium Swiss Skin Care products are:

Botanically Based
Ph Correct
Never tested on animals
Formulated without animal (by) products
Formulated without mineral oil
Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances
and most importantly affordable

If this is YOU... we would love to hear from you! Please contact Angela Barbagallo on 02 9520 9940 or email beauty@styleangel.com

Style Angel Moment of Inspiration

Introduction from: Goals, by Gary Ryan Blair


"Success is the intentional, pre-meditated use of choice and decision. Unless you choose - with certainty - what it is you want, you accept table scraps by default!

The world is plump with opportunity. With boldness and conviction, stick a fork into the goals you want by being decisive.

You are born with great capabilities, but you will not achieve your potential until you call upon yourself to fulfill it. You will rise to the occasion when it presents itself; yet, to assure self-fulfillment, you must provide occasions to rise to. Clearly defined goals allow you to travel toward another horizon that represents the end of one experience and the transition to a new and better existence. The objective is to choose the right goals, and then to create the necessary causes - the effects will follow!

The difference between what one person and another achieves depends more on goal choices than on abilities. The profound differences between successful people and others are the goals they choose to pursue. Individuals with smaller talents, intelligence, and abilities will achieve different results because they select and pursue different goals.

Each decision affects what you become. We form our decisions and our decisions form us. There is no escaping this; the smallest choices are important because - over time - their cumulative effect is enormous.

Never overlook the obvious: The nature and direction of your life change the instant you decide what goals you want to pursue.

Once you make a decision, you start down a path to a new destination. At the moment the decision is made, your decision to pursue a goal alters what you are becoming. Just one spin of the lock's dial - a single choice - can alter your life, your destiny, your legacy.

Think about it - your goal decisions represent and express your individuality. You seal your fate with the choices you make. You define yourself by your decisions.

Your dialogue with success is ultimately a solo one. Decisions and goals made must be your own if you are to call your life a success.

Always establish the best goals you can. Goals are the seeds of success - you become only what you plant. The quality of your harvest is a direct reflection of the quality of your seeds-your decisions!

Indecision is the big eraser of opportunity and potential. Risks and costs accompany every decision; however, the price of decision is far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. When it comes to decisiveness, squatters have no rights.

Everyone has an official wish list of things they think are "reasonable". What about the unofficial wish list? The one that common sense tells you to ignore? The list that exists deep in your mind, the list that keeps you up at night, that makes your toes wiggle when you think of it? Why not choose that list for a change?

How long have you dreamed of being, having, and doing what you really want? Think big, as when it comes to your goals, the size of your ambition does matter."

Introduction from: Goals, by Gary Ryan Blair

Fashion By The Stars - Your April/May 2010 Shopping Horoscope by It's in The Stars

brought to you by Elizabeth Ball from It's In The Stars

Book a live phone consultation with astrologer Elizabeth Ball of http://www.itsinthestarsonline.com!

***Mothers Day Special***

Discover your baby's personality, what they'll be like when they grow up, what they'll be like with their family, friends, and what sort of career they'll gravitate to, as well as how they'll get on with the opposite sex! Buy a beautifully designed hardcover BabyStars report from http://ww.itsinthestarsonline.com. All you need to order your report is their name, gender, date, (time if possible), city and country of birth and then key in STYLE20 in the gift certificate code box to activate your 20% discount. Your BabyStars report will arrive within 2 days in Australia, 5 days overseas via Express Post.

Most people know that you can use astrology to understand yourself, your child/ren or your partner, but you can also use it to select the best dates for you to embark on particular ventures. Best of all, you can even use astrology to help you with your wardrobe needs! By working out what you need your clothes, shoes, accessories and/or jewellery to achieve for you – sex appeal? Impressing your boss? Meeting his mother? – you can go shopping on those dates which have the most supportive planetary energies. Have fun shopping!


14 April – This is the best day to relaunch yourself – be brave, take a risk in what you buy

17 April – you’ll be drawn to luxury, wanting to touch (and buy) soft, dreamy, feminine fabrics that make you look a million dollars – go out with the girls afterwards!
18 April – I’m seeing red, draped glamour, very old-world Hollywood
24 April - you should either go for original designer pieces in natural fabrics, or “establishment” clothing from a discreet (not blingy) label
25 April - Go for something that is demurely covered-up yet incredibly body-con sexy – a black jersey cross-over dress perhaps? – to impress your boss or your man
28 April – Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus – hunt for mix-and-match pieces and especially bracelets, rings and necklaces to complement your outfit
3 May – hunt through those vintage stores for pre-loved items especially accessories
7 May – Venus in Gemini sextile Mars in Leo – knock his socks off with look-at-moi, old-fashioned glamour dressing

Book your astrology phone consultation now with Elizabeth at http://gifts-by-the-stars-online.com/shop/astrology-consultations and let her know what days suit you best!

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