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May 2010

Luxurious Maternity Lingerie - Cake Lingerie

Mums and mums-to-be around the world can now celebrate being a ‘Real Mum’ – Cake Lingerie in a recent promotional video for the International brand, ‘real’ mums sing their praises on how beautiful and comfortable Cake Lingerie makes them feel.

April 15th, 2010 –  ‘Real’ mums show just how exquisite, feminine, tasteful and comfortable all mums can feel even whilst being a pregnant woman or a nursing mum. Six mums and mums-to-be were selected from a nation wide online competition in the search to find ‘real’ mums to be the faces of Cake Lingerie in a ‘real’, fun and bubbly promotional video.

The criterion for the competition was simple, ‘real’ women that were pregnant or nursing, and women that were different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicity. Tracey Montford, the founder of Cake Lingerie, encouraged all women to enter because “at Cake we design for real mums, and all women are beautiful and should be celebrated. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic body images in the media.  The real mums video is all about real women with real bodies enjoying a product designed to celebrate and embrace their new found curves”.

After the great response and support from the media, both print and online, the response was overwhelming from women all across Australia. Six fabulous women were chosen to help promote Cake Lingerie’s ‘Real Mums’ video.

Pampered in Cake’s gorgeous new collection – ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, the promotional video captures the exciting, joyous and realistic moments of being a ‘real’ mum. One mum aptly quoted ‘I’m a real mum because I change dirty nappies, I sweat under situations and I get a bit stressed…’

This captivating video portrays ‘real’ mums wearing ‘real’ products that are designed to help make mums look just as beautiful as they feel. The video will sure pull on a few heartstrings and have all mums across the world relating to these six beautiful mums. The video will be due out for release on the 1st of June 2010.

Angela Barbagallo

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Fashion By The Stars - Your May/June 2010 Shopping Horoscope by It's in The Stars

brought to you by Elizabeth Ball from It's In The Stars

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Most people know that you can use astrology to understand yourself, your child/ren or your partner, but you can also use it to select the best dates for you to embark on particular ventures. Best of all, you can even use astrology to help you with your wardrobe needs! By working out what you need your clothes, shoes, accessories and/or jewellery to achieve for you – sex appeal? Impressing your boss? Meeting his mother? – you can go shopping on those dates which have the most supportive planetary energies. Have fun shopping!


17 May – great for shopping online, especially on overseas websites, although you might end up spending more than you expected with shipping costs. Shopping locally? Look out for generous buy-one-get-one-free specials.
18 May – shoes shopping expeditions planned as soon as the shops open provide opportunities to find something that makes you feel on million bucks – but finish by 11am to avoid buyers’ remorse!
19 May – again, another early-morning mission is best. Visit the lower-priced chain stores to maximise your shopping dollar.
20 May – break the rules with some daring pieces in beautiful, touchable luxury fabrics
27 May – the perfect day to buy anything ethnic-looking, from an overseas designer, and especially for resort wear for holidays!


8 June – be bold, take risks, treat this day as a new start! Choose something that really rocks! Especially in red...
9 June – you’ll be feeling more conservative and cautious today, wanting classic, timeless cuts. Businesswear-hunting for something to ask for that raise is best now.
11 June – sign up to shopping newsletters today to be the first in the know. Today’s choices are about excitement and “newness” – don’t spend too much on super-trendy items as you’ll be
bored of them soon!
13 June – need something you can wear to meet his mother? Or to look more feminine (yet businesslike) at work? You might gravitate to 50s style femininity. And homewares could be on the list too.

15 June –knock his socks (or anything else) off with a real Oscar-winning showstopper today! This is a wonderful day for a real makeover (clothes + hair)!

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Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
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