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January 2011

Style Angel Tip of the Day

Style Angel Tip of the Day
Thanks to professional make up artiste AND fellow Arbonne Consultant Rozlyne Vidal, she taught me that to prevent lipstick on your teeth , apply your colour and lip gloss and then put your index finger in your mouth and while you take it out all the excess colour will go and you will never have to worry about lipstick staining your teeth.

Style Angel Tip of the Day

Style Angel Tip of the Day
Before you run out the door stand in front of a full length mirror, close your eyes for 5 secs and Open your eyes! Do you feel great, is the outfit working for you?

Where your eyes wonder is the first thing other people will see too.

It is a great way to check out propotions of top and bottom! Women often pull their tops ridiculously low over their bottom. Ironically this will make you look bigger as opposed to a top that blouses slightly at a higher and smaller part of the hip!

Go on try it! You will be amazed! You will look 5kgs lighter within seconds.

Style Angel Tip of the Day

Clean out your wardrobe and recycle all of the clothes, shoes and bags that have seen better days, are gathering dust, too big, too small, too whatever!

Get your hubbie on the bed, daughter or friend and make it a fun event!

Forgive yourself for those $$$items you just did not wear and move on!

You will love the energy and room to think about what gives you confidence in 2011!

Who wants to feel just alright? I am going for FABULOUS!! Care to join me?


Host a Playdate and reap the rewards. It’s simple…
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6.     You will receive a hostess gift just for booking and holding your playdate
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