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Madison's October 2009 The Body Issue

1281_091005_xl I have just finished reading the last Madison issue and if you have not got a copy it is worth buying one.

Editor Paula Joye points out how many times she has written about or featured body image and I can certainly agree with her the level of anxiety and worry women have about their body.

In my work as a Fashion Stylist I come in daily contact with women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. And I love helping women find shapes and styles that help them hide certain parts or accentuate others.

I do get a little sad sometimes as more and more I see how much time and stress women go through worrying about a certain part of their body (arms, tummy, bottom, legs, knees) they are not happy with.

Now you will have probably seen "How to Look Good Naked" and when women are asked to put themselves next to a model or size they think they are, without fail, they judge themselves bigger. Our perception is ruling our life yet it is not even reality!

I am all for healthy bodies no matter what size and I feel that life is too short to send all those negative thoughts to areas of our body a 1000 times a day. It is exhausting and makes that area only larger in your mind. Why not send it love!

The moment you face yourself in the mirror and love yourself for every inch you are you are WINNING!

Now, another great article that inspired me to touch on this topic was "Does My Bum Look Big in This?" ..... sounds familiar? All about a guys perspective on how they feel when we ask this question. I think we forget that they love us for who we are, all of it! Often I have Guys buying a Gift for their wife and they are saddened by the fact that the woman is not happy. Guys love us being happy and hate us being unhappy as they want to fix it! 

If I could sprinkle fairy dust over each and every negative body thought in the world to take them ALL away I would! Would it not make the world a better place?


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