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This program is so good it has fashionistas worldwide buzzing!

Discover the joy and confidence that comes with knowing you look great!

Don't waste any more money on unflattering or uninspiring clothes that just sit unworn in your wardrobe.

If you are unsure about exactly what styles best flatter your body shape,how to coordinate your clothes, or how to shop with complete confidence, then this program is for you.

Looking fabulous - and knowing that you do - will literally change your world.


A Fashion Styling Online Profile will transform your wardrobe, self-confidence and life forever. You'll look and feel fantastic, and your confidence and energy levels will soar.

You'll find yourself thinking far more positively than usual, and you'll act in a much more upbeat manner too. As a result of all of this, the world will reward you with all manner of incredible opportunities, both socially and in business. With your newfound style just around the corner, who knows what could be coming your way?

With a Fashion Styling Online Profile you'll be shown exactly what suits your body shape, age and lifestyle. It will open up hundreds of exciting new style possibilities for you, with every program having over 660 full colour fashion photos that instantly bring your style recommendations to life and will have you shopping with the skill of a fashion stylist in no time. 

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS      You will receive an Express Post package in the mail that includes a CD, your activation key to access the fashion style software, a client data sheet and a personalized instruction letter. We recommend that you start of with filling out your client data sheet. Once you have accessed the CD on your computer and have established Internet Access you are able to start Your Fashion Styling Profile with your activation key. You are now guided through 14 sets of illustrations and questions and with the help of your filled out client data sheet you will be able to complete this in 20 minutes or so. Receive a BONUS handbag size Shopping Guide for free with your booking containing all the illustrations from the Portfolio designed for you to transfer your information into it and take shopping. Also includes information on correct fit, alteration, fabric and other fitting room advice. A 'must-have' to get the most from Your Fashion Styling Profile.


Create an Inspiring Wardrobe that's a dream to wear...
Through our alliance with we have created a personal style program that answers your every style question. This innovative and accurate program will teach you about every item you place on your body; from necklines to hemlines, skirts to dresses, pants to shorts, swimwear to lingerie, accessories and much more. It will even teach you how to coordinate your clothes and how to skillfully work with pattern and colour. In a short time your wardrobe will go from a place of Frustration to Inspiration!

And all this for only AUD$169 Just think, in only a few minutes from now you could be reading your very own, custom made Fashion Styling Online Profile.

Here is a preview of what your Fashion Styling Online Profile could look like:

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  Fashion Styling Online Profile 6 

Fashion Styling Online Profile 7   Fashion Styling Online Profile 10 

Fashion Styling Online Profile 14   Fashion Styling Online Profile 17

Fashion Styling Online Profile 25  Fashion Styling Online Profile 27 



Linda from Nelson purchased a Fashion Styling Online Profile for herself, her daughter-in-law Emma and her Friend in April 2009

"I have gone through my Fashion Styling Online Profile and highlighted in my new gorgeous, up to date, easy to follow, great pictures, shopping guide.The site is easy to follow and love the colours and backgrounds for following the advise. Have highlighted my personalised advise in MY shopping guide. Very much like the line and design, pattern and colour coordination and other new bits, love it. Love it so much I have bought the package for friends and will probably keep it in mind for more ladies I care about. Thank you for your service!!!!!!!!

Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
Style Angel Corporation Pty Ltd
1 Bracken Close   Engadine NSW 2233 Australia
    Ph  02 9520 9940   Fax 02 9520 9018  Mob 0407 032 531

©Style Angel Corporation 2009


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How To Wear Fashion Accessories

Be careful while selecting accessories for a wear. Just don’t pick up something for the heck of it. Remember your accessories speak more about you than your clothes.

hi vis

Women especially very careful about their looks and want to look beautiful. They choose apparels and jewelry cautiously to catch the eye of every person. Usually they don't hesitate to buy designing clothes of renowned designers.


Remember your accessories speak more about you than your clothes.Thanks you for share!!!!


website very nice.Thanks you for share !

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I think our personality depends upon clothes & other accessories what we wear. So for an impressive personality we should take more care while buying clothes.

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