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Madonna's Oval face shape is probably one of the most photographed faces in the world. She is gorgeous and keeps reinventing herself and keeps on top her game at age 50.


If you feel you have a similar face shape like Madonna here are some Oval Face Shape tips for you:

Many styles will suit you. You can choose almost any hairstyle and any length. Your only considerations will be:

  • To choose a length and style that will fit in with your lifestyle and personality. Short to medium length hair is best if you are over 40 years in age.
  • If you have any sharp features such as a long nose, high/prominent cheekbones or a prominent chin then it would be best to choose a hairstyle that has an overall look that is natural an soft. This will soften the effect of the sharp features.
  • Your own likes and dislikes
  • The texture, quality, curl and quantity of your hair.
  • Blush and Contour shading will add brightness and sparkle to a face that is already a pleasing shape. You can have fun experimenting with various make-up techniques.
  • A basic rule to be remembered when applying foundation, blush or eye shadow is that , light advances and dark recedes.
  • Apply the darker shades to areas that need to be visually diminished and the lighter shades to areas that need to be advanced.
  • Apply blush just under the ball of the cheekbone, directly below the outer part of the iris.
  • Extend in a smooth arc, fading towards the ear.


Although many styles of hats will suit you, by far the best are those that have large brims that are either floppy or straight.

  • Always keep your proportions in mind when you select the size of your hat. If you are short in stature or have a small bone structure, you could easily be overpowered or made top heavy by a hat that is too large for you (and vice versa).
  • Take your body’s scale into account when selecting how wide your brim is to be. Don’t get caught looking like a mushroom. The best width is never wider than your shoulders.

Eye Wear

Many styles of eye wear will suit you. Your only considerations will be:

  • The frames must also be in proportion to your head size. A woman who has a small head will need smaller frames for balance and vice versa.
  • Decorative or contrasting temples can also be added to give width to the face.
  • A low bridge will shorten a long nose and a high bridge will lengthen a short nose.
  • Update your glasses every two or three years with a current style.
  • Do not wear obvious bifocals as they will make you look older and out of date. Ask for no-line progressive lenses.


Again as for glasses, most shapes of earrings will suit your face shape.

  • to enhance your cheekbones select earrings that have a diagonal design (sloping upwards and away from your face).
  • Do not wear dangling earrings with glasses.

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