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Healthy, Shiny Hair: Ingredients to look for in Shampoo

Most people today have bathrooms containing personal care products loaded with toxic chemicals! Before leaving the house in the morning, they have already applied a number of these products to hair, face and body.

Whatever toxins comes into contact with the skin are absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing the liver, making them even more toxic to body than if it would have been filter by the liver. On average, woman use a dozen personal care products and men use six personal care products daily, all loaded with chemicals.

Many of these chemicals have proven to be neurotoxins, carcinogens and reproductive toxins. One way to know that your body contains these toxins is to have a toxicity test done. What people commonly find when having this test done is that their bodies are loaded with lead, flame retardants, mercury and triclosan.

Babies are being born pre-polluted with these toxins. Now companies are trying to make their products appear to be healthy by adding healthy ingredients. One example is Herbal Essences by Proctor and Gamble which is the number two shampoo in America. This product is marketed as a natural product. Their are no laws to regulate what a company who uses the term "natural" puts in their products, which means it can also contain unnatural ingredients. This is the case with Herbal Essences, which contains a number of harmful chemicals. One ingredient,1,4-dioxane, known to cause cancer, is at such a high level that it violates California’s proposition 65, which requires that when a product contains an ingredient at toxic levels, it must contain a warning label. The company is in the process of reformulating the product to reduce, but not eliminate, the amount of carcinogenic ingredients contained in the product.

Cosmetics companies often argue that their products contain low levels of toxins, making them harmless. This may be true if only one product is used once a day. However, when combining a number of toxic products, more than once a day, everyday, allows toxins to rapidly build up in the body.

I am a Independent Skin Care Consultant with an International Company that is a 30 year old  whose motto is pure, safe and beneficial. The companies marketing structure removes the need for advertising and middle men, allowing them to save millions of dollars for product research and development and for the development of more expensive natural formulations at affordable costs. Recently the company introduced a new line of products. This line contains no paba, parabans, petrolatum, phylates, propylene glycol, paraffins or animal derived ingredients like most other cosmetics on the market.

This product  uses a live cell technology from fresh fruits and vegetables. For the hair the company has developed a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is safe for color treated hair, it lathers quickly, restore radiants, leaving hair soft, clean and manageable. It is developed with kiwi cell extracts and the moisturizers, biotin and Panthenol. The nourishing conditioner protects and hydrates, and is safe for color treated hair. It leaves the hair looking very shiny. The nourishing conditioner is developed with fresh carrot cells and natural moisturizers hops, yucca, golden hohova and nettle extract.

Most companies choose to use cost effective chemicals in their products to achieve the desired results. As is the case with Herbal Essences. Our Company chooses to take the natural and safe route which requires extensive research and more expensive ingredients. Due to their efficient marketing structure they have been able to develop and market the superior, safe and effective  line at an affordable price for consumers.

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