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Pantyhose without the "Muffin Top" effect!!

Do you get really annoyed with your tights or panty hose that leave you with marks in your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable?

Then Check out Fab Fit! I have tried them and they are super comfortable, smooth your tummy out and don't leave horrible lines every where.

They are the darkest opaques I have tried and I love that!

This is what Fab Fit say about their line of hosiery.....

Fab Fit are designed with comfort and style in mind.  They sit up under the bust line and therefore avoid the "muffin top" effect that many pantyhose create.  This creates a smooth silhouette under any outfit.  Also, because they have a soft yoga pant style waistband they are very comfortable and do not cut into the body.  You can wear them all day without that feeling of being constricted.
They are currently only available by phone: 1300 736 077.  Two pairs of Fabfit Pantyhose are $39.95 (plus P&H) - one to wear and one in the wash!
They are 100 denier black opaque and are made in Australia.




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