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Personal Shopping is one of my favorite Experiences in my "bag" of Personal Styling Consultations. I have done so many of them and the buzz is still the same. I literally forget everything around me and I am 100% focused on finding my client outfits and accessories that they love and that look great on them. My results are great and my clients are amazed!
I have really noticed that from last year, retailers are far more ready and willing to look after their clientele and really want your business! Below a few pointers how to ask (and get) for a discount.
Here are some tips:
    1.    You will be more successful if you buy a few pieces in one shopping session. The more you spend the more likely you are to get a discount between 10-15%.
    2.    Don't be afraid to ask for a discount in Major Department Stores like Myer or David Jones. The trick is to get a Manager employed by the Department Store and not an employee from a concession store as they don't have the authority to apply the discount.
    3.    If you have to wait for the right person, do it, the more set you are on getting a % off your purchases the more likely you are to get one.
    4.    Sign up for Loyalty or VIP programs. I know that JacquiE gives you 15% off your purchases on the spot when you sign up for their VIP program.
    5.    Check Westfield stores for promotions as they often give you a Gift Card when you spend over a certain amount. (Myer and DJ's excluded so if you can buy the same thing at another store why not be smart about it!)
If you struggle at the shops and you literally walk out with nothing in complete overwhelm, it would be worth your while looking into booking a Personal Shopping Experience! You will learn so much on how to find the right things and what brands suit you and how to pick those pieces that just work for you! Contact me if you would like to know more!

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