10 Most Important Things to Look for When You Shop - Part 2

10 Most Important Things to Look for When You Shop – Part 1

Shopping for yourself is NOT a skill, a gene you inherit or a special gift available only to a selected few. On the contrary, it is a simple checklist and a focus and a determination to only ever buy things you love 100%. Yes, you can take a deep breath, roll your stress-shoulders and say goodbye to aimless wandering at your local Westfield.

 Over the next few weeks, I will share with you all my personal styling techniques I use so you can enjoy building a great wardrobe that you love. 

 First things first, we start with the basics. 

 Knowing what is in your wardrobe is a must before you add more. 

 Cleaning out your wardrobe regularly, or at least every 6 months, will get you to a great position to build a fabulous wardrobe, where you love every item. Only having in your wardrobe what you absolutely love is such a powerful place to be in! Any casual, work or party occasion covered, showing up with confidence. I am getting excited here for you!

 You will find gaps in your wardrobe and I suggest you start a list in the notes section of your mobile phone so you are prepared.

 Be honest, how much do you love what is in your wardrobe right now?

 Statistics say that most women ONLY love and wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe all the time! 

Allow me make a small calculation for you, you may be surprised how much money is tied up in your clothes that could have had many other purposes.

 On average you probably have at least 100 items in total in your wardrobe with an average price tag of $75 per garment.

100 Garments x 20% = 20 items that get most of the wear

80 items you don’t often/never wear x $75 per item = $6,000

You may be even have more than 80 items you never wear and perhaps a higher than $75 average price tag.  

You can do the sums and change the final figure but the message is clear: aimlessly shopping could possible cost you a lot of money.

What is Missing In Your Wardrobe?

Now we have got real, it is time for you to work out what works, what does not and what is missing in your wardrobe .  

I like to sort things out per type of garments i.e assess all your pants first then all your skirts and dresses. Then move on to tops, jackets, jumpers and vests. Jewellery, scarfs, belts, hosiery, shoes and handbags are next.

It is at this sorting stage that you will find renewed excitement for certain clothes.  Have your gap list ready to write down items that you feel are missing. Up to you what method works best: a paper list or use your notes section in your mobile phone or take pictures or items that need matching in great light for true reflection of colour.

Perhaps you are recycling your favorite top as it is falling apart or full of un-washable food stains. Add this on your list so you can look for a replacement.   

The clothes you love and that tick all the boxes are the keepers and go straight back in the wardrobe.

You will notice your comfort zone of styles and looks that you enjoy wearing. What is missing from the keepers section? Is there a scarf or jacket that could perhaps breathe new life into the look. Perhaps there is a favorite colour that you choose all the time and it is time to branch out. Keep adding your thoughts to your notes. 

You will have a pile for clothes that need washing, dry cleaning or alteration. I suggest that you only do this for items that you love 100%, otherwise it is not worth your time or money.

The rest of the items are ready to be put in garbage bags for the charity bin or you may like to give to them to someone.

Your efforts will pay off. Visualise just how amazing it feels to open clean and tidy drawers, a neat and organised wardrobe with all your favorites, a gorgeous accessory selection, beautiful scarves and all your favorite shoes neatly in place.

It is great to get into the habit of a quick rearrange of your wardrobe every three weeks. Sort all items in the right places. With the seasons changing swap seasonal items. This takes only 5 to 10 minutes and will give you inspiration for your week to come. 

Wardrobe Styling with Angela

If all the above seems way too hard and you feel you need my help to get some serious clearing and mixing and matching happening then a wardrobe styling is so powerful! 

I will document what you have in your wardrobe, create visual mix and match combinations that will inspire you plus give you tips on where you can find the gaps in your wardrobe. 

$199 for 2 hours is money well-spent and you will save hundreds of dollars by adding things you need instead of things you don’t need!

Sue from the Blue Mountains emailed me the day after her Wardrobe Styling:

“Well today I had a big day out and what a delight to open my wardrobe this morning to find clothes organised and waiting to be worn. I had fun choosing my outfit today and I am feeling revived and glamorous.

I don’t know how to thank you enough for yesterday. I could not believe the time you spent with me, going through my clothes in the wardrobe and for the tips in the style, cut and colours. I wish I knew you a long time ago. I felt quite liberated afterwards. Thank you again Angela. You are an ‘angel’!”



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