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10% off when you sign-up to! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

10% off when you sign-up to! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

Join Me at Tynan Mercedes Miranda for our Empowering Women Career Chat

I would love to extend this invitation to you for this coming Monday night 4th of April at Tynan Mercedes in Miranda!

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn more money whilst running your existing business, do you like flexible working hours, do you love working from home? Well I have an amazing opportunity as I am looking for business partners to join my Arbonne international marketing team.

Oh and did I tell you.... there are amazing rewards such as a Mercedes Benz Car, Tiffany Jewelry and 5 Star holidays to name a few!

The empowering women events are very inspirational and I believe you will have a great night!

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Give up the botox!

Just reading an article in this weeks Grazia about a 40 something woman giving up Botox before she really started to look like a freak show! GOOD!

A la natural is so much more attractive! And girls what are you waiting for, contact me as the Arbonne products actually work, I have seen it on myself and my mum (less wrinkles), on my fellow consultants (less pigmentation, black circles and pores less defined).

Plus totally affordable. Arbonne is the only ultra premium skin care available through direct selling cutting out so much margin which is gentle on your pocket!

Can't wait to hear from you!!!

Join my Arbonne team

I am expading my Arbonne team! I am looking for a person who loves a challenge, who is excited about educating women about pure safe and beneficial ultra premium Swiss skin care and who wants great income with flexible hours.

My team of Arbonne consultants is awesome and we would love you to join us!

Monday night we have our regular information night at Tynan Mercedes in Miranda at 6.45pm sharp! Come and join me! Exciting!!

Oscar Gifting Suite in Hollywood, California

Oscar Gifting Suite in Hollywood, California
February 26, 2011 | Author: SoCalGal

The Oscars are this weekend, and the gifting suites in Hollywood are in full swing. Well, I can vouch for one of them, anyway; I spent a good chunk of my day at the Academy Awards 2011 Oscar gifting suite run by GBK. On February 25th and 26th, the luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company honored the 2011 Academy Award nominees and presenters with its annual gift lounge at the W Hollywood hotel in, obviously, Hollywood. There was some pretty impressive swag here, but the travel lover in me was most impressed with the travel related goodies.
The W Hollywood is sleek, hip and modern; all those young starlets I saw at the Oscar gifting suite fit right in. Last year, the gossip was about how Sarah Palin and her crew swooped into Oscar gifting suites and grabbed up stuff indiscriminately. I didn’t see anything untoward or tacky at the GBK gift lounge this year, however, I seriously enjoyed watching Cloris Leachman get treated to a makeover and a pampering skin treatment. Come on, who doesn’t love Cloris Leachman?
Star-gazing is alright, but I really enjoyed talking with some entrepreneurs and company reps who had passion for their products. There were a few travel-related standouts, in terms of both the friendly knowledgeability of their representatives and the product themselves. These were my five favorites.


Arbonne: This premium, luxury line featured health and wellness products that are botanically based and inspired by nature. I think my new Arbonne skin care travel kit is absolutely gorgeous. The product line RE9 Advanced Travel Set has 10 anti-aging products, and the rep also had the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque and Arbonne Cosmetics Lip/Makeup Primer on hand. These RE9 products by Arbonne use antioxidants, sunblock (this is key), and other botanicals to help skin look younger.

Disclaimer: At the invitation of GBK Productions, I attended and received a bunch of products at the Oscar gifting suite in the W Hollywood hotel.

Be pampered, be healthy and look a million buck$

Just about to start a Swiss Beauty Workshop at Fernwood Blacktown with Club Owner and fellow Arbonne Consultant Lee-anne!

We are both so passionate about educating women on skin care that not only stops the anti aging process but also makes fine lines, pigmentation and dark circles disappear!

I would love to educate YOUR guests too! You will be pampered and showered with gifts!

To make your booking email

What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them by The Good Human

"You may have heard about how you should avoid parabens in the products you buy, but you might be wondering why you should do so. After doing a bunch of research a couple of years ago, I decided to no longer purchase any products that have parabens in them. First, let’s look at where you might find parabens and what products they are normally in.

Parabens can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical pharmaceuticals and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives in some products. Basically, a huge percentage of the products you buy for everyday use contain some form of paraben, so it can be difficult to find products that do not use them.

Now, before anyone says anything, I know that there have been studies on both sides of the argument… parabens are bad and parabens are ok. But since there have been studies that say that it is in-fact not healthy, I have chosen to take the precautionary route and not use products containing them if I can help it. Whether or not they are as bad as some say they are, I would rather err on the side of safety. Now, on to what parabens could be doing to your body.

For starters, Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Do you really want to take the chance that they might do so? In the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben “adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system.” If that is not enough to avoid a product that can easily be avoided, I don’t know what is! There are a lot of other reports available all over the internet, but most of them are all related to reproductive health in some way or another. Not really something to mess with, huh?

The jury is still out on how and why parabens might affect development and growth of both babies and adults. But I decided a while ago to get rid of any products that have it and replace them with products that don’t. There is no harm being more careful with this kind of stuff…remember, things that were deemed safe in the past then came back to bite us all when we were told that they actually caused all sorts of diseases. And when there are safe alternatives available, I would rather not take the chance that I or future generations develop strange reproductive problems from using a product that was avoidable in the first place."

Article by The Good Human

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Blog posted by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist and Independent Arbonne Consultant
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Healthy, Shiny Hair: Ingredients to look for in Shampoo

Most people today have bathrooms containing personal care products loaded with toxic chemicals! Before leaving the house in the morning, they have already applied a number of these products to hair, face and body.

Whatever toxins comes into contact with the skin are absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing the liver, making them even more toxic to body than if it would have been filter by the liver. On average, woman use a dozen personal care products and men use six personal care products daily, all loaded with chemicals.

Many of these chemicals have proven to be neurotoxins, carcinogens and reproductive toxins. One way to know that your body contains these toxins is to have a toxicity test done. What people commonly find when having this test done is that their bodies are loaded with lead, flame retardants, mercury and triclosan.

Babies are being born pre-polluted with these toxins. Now companies are trying to make their products appear to be healthy by adding healthy ingredients. One example is Herbal Essences by Proctor and Gamble which is the number two shampoo in America. This product is marketed as a natural product. Their are no laws to regulate what a company who uses the term "natural" puts in their products, which means it can also contain unnatural ingredients. This is the case with Herbal Essences, which contains a number of harmful chemicals. One ingredient,1,4-dioxane, known to cause cancer, is at such a high level that it violates California’s proposition 65, which requires that when a product contains an ingredient at toxic levels, it must contain a warning label. The company is in the process of reformulating the product to reduce, but not eliminate, the amount of carcinogenic ingredients contained in the product.

Cosmetics companies often argue that their products contain low levels of toxins, making them harmless. This may be true if only one product is used once a day. However, when combining a number of toxic products, more than once a day, everyday, allows toxins to rapidly build up in the body.

I am a Independent Skin Care Consultant with an International Company that is a 30 year old  whose motto is pure, safe and beneficial. The companies marketing structure removes the need for advertising and middle men, allowing them to save millions of dollars for product research and development and for the development of more expensive natural formulations at affordable costs. Recently the company introduced a new line of products. This line contains no paba, parabans, petrolatum, phylates, propylene glycol, paraffins or animal derived ingredients like most other cosmetics on the market.

This product  uses a live cell technology from fresh fruits and vegetables. For the hair the company has developed a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is safe for color treated hair, it lathers quickly, restore radiants, leaving hair soft, clean and manageable. It is developed with kiwi cell extracts and the moisturizers, biotin and Panthenol. The nourishing conditioner protects and hydrates, and is safe for color treated hair. It leaves the hair looking very shiny. The nourishing conditioner is developed with fresh carrot cells and natural moisturizers hops, yucca, golden hohova and nettle extract.

Most companies choose to use cost effective chemicals in their products to achieve the desired results. As is the case with Herbal Essences. Our Company chooses to take the natural and safe route which requires extensive research and more expensive ingredients. Due to their efficient marketing structure they have been able to develop and market the superior, safe and effective  line at an affordable price for consumers.

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Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist and Independent Arbonne Consultant
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Toxic Burden- Women Put 515 Chemicals on their Faces Everyday

Revealed... the 515 chemicals women put on their bodies every day

Women and beauty products - it's a love affair that's been going on for centuries. And no wonder. There's nothing like a new lipstick or favourite perfume to make us look and feel good. Or so we thought...
In fact, according to a new report, most of our favourite cosmetics are cocktails of industrially produced and potentially dangerous chemicals that could damage our health and, in some cases, rather than delivering on their potent 'anti-ageing' promise, are causing us to age faster.
Research by Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, found that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine means she 'hosts' a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.

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Many of those are also used in products such as household cleaners, and have been linked to a number of health problems from allergies and skin sensitivity to more serious hormonal disturbances, fertility problems and even cancer.
Parabens, for example, which are designed to preserve the shelf-life of your cosmetics, are one of the most widely used preservatives in the world, and are found in shampoos, hair gels, shaving gels and body lotions. But their use is becoming increasingly controversial - a range of different studies has linked them to serious health problems including breast cancer, as well as fertility issues in men.
Research from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine suggests that some parabens we had previously presumed to be safe, such as Methylparaben, may mutate and become toxic when exposed to sunlight, causing premature skin ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer.
Methylparabens are found in more than 16,000 products, including moisturisers and toothpastes. Cosmetic producers have always defended their use of parabens on the grounds that they can't be absorbed into the body.
But many leading researchers disagree, including Dr Barbara Olioso, an independent professional chemist, who says: 'Research shows that between 20 and 60 per cent of parabens may be absorbed into the body.'
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There are a number of laws designed to protect us from dangerous chemicals in cosmetics, but researchers worry that they don't go far enough. For example, cosmetic manufacturers are required to list their ingredients, but they don't have to tell us about any impurities found in the raw materials or used in the manufacturing process, so long as they don't end up in the finished product.
The industry insists that our cosmetics are safe. The Cosmetic Toiletries and Perfumery Association said last night: 'Stringent laws require all cosmetics to be safe, and each product undergoes a rigorous safety assessment. The number of ingredients in a product, or whether it is natural or man-made, has no bearing on how safe it is.'
They also say that any chemicals are present in safe doses that can't harm us. While that may be true, there is some disagreement over what constitutes a 'safe' level - for young people and children, or sensitive adults, these levels may not be so safe at all.
And even if the relatively small amounts in individual products don't hurt us, there is growing concern over the number of products women use daily, and the cumulative effect of so many chemicals being used all over our bodies every day, for many years.
As Charlotte Smith, spokesperson for Bionsen, says: 'Women have never been more image-conscious and their beauty regimes have changed over the years, from a simple "wash & go" attitude, to daily fake-tan applications, regular manicures, false lashes and hair extensions.
'Lots of the high-tech, new generation cosmetics and beauty "wonder" treatments naturally contain more chemicals to achieve even better results, which, of course, means women apply more chemicals than ever before.'
If you want to protect yourself from chemical overload, reduce your overall cosmetics usage; switch to natural or organic products, and read the labels on your beauty and grooming products with care.
The Women's Environmental network has more detailed information and advice about ingredients contained in beauty products: uk; The Cosmetics Database, a website which gives a 'hazard rating' for products: Or read Skin Deep: The Essential Guide To What's In The Toiletries And Cosmetics You Use (Rodale), by Pat Thomas.

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