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10% off when you sign-up to! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

Be pampered, be healthy and look a million buck$

Just about to start a Swiss Beauty Workshop at Fernwood Blacktown with Club Owner and fellow Arbonne Consultant Lee-anne!

We are both so passionate about educating women on skin care that not only stops the anti aging process but also makes fine lines, pigmentation and dark circles disappear!

I would love to educate YOUR guests too! You will be pampered and showered with gifts!

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Style Angel Tip of the Day

Style Angel Tip of the Day
Thanks to professional make up artiste AND fellow Arbonne Consultant Rozlyne Vidal, she taught me that to prevent lipstick on your teeth , apply your colour and lip gloss and then put your index finger in your mouth and while you take it out all the excess colour will go and you will never have to worry about lipstick staining your teeth.

Beauty Myth - My Skin Will Age Just Like My Mother's

Fact: Your skin may or may not age just like your mother's. There are many factors involved in your overall appearance.

Yes, genetics from both your mother's and your father's side play a role, but lifestyle choices and your health also influence how you will age.

Contact Beauty by Style Angel for your 3 day Sample Pack if you want turn your skin around with 24 hour results with an Ultra Premium Swiss Skin Care Range. Our products are:

  • Anti-ageing skin care and cosmetics.
  • Cutting edge technology; Formulated in Switzerland.
  • Botanically based.
  • pH correct.
  • Hypoallergenic: Voluntary human testing meets hypoallergenic substantiation claim criteria.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Never tested on animals; neither the final product, or the individual ingredients.
  • Formulated without animal products or by-products. Plants and herbs together with science and technology offer superior benefits.
  • Formulated without mineral oil. Occlusive oil can interfere with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems.
  • Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances. Dyes and chemical fragrances are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Product driven and consumable product.
  • Affordable. Price doesn’t determine how good a product is, Formulations do!

Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Ultra Premium Skin Care Consultant
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Joanne's Head to Toe Make Over Journey - Part 5 Make Up Lesson with Make Up Artist Rozlyne Vidal

Yesterday Joanne had her Make Up lesson with Rozlyne Vidal. A lesson is a little more involved than just a makeover. Rozlyne, Make Up Artist, did Joanne's right hand side of her face and Joanne did the left hand side to practice the techniques of blushing, highlighting, contouring, blushing, eyes and lips. A lesson usually takes 2 hours and you bring your make up bag with you so Rozlyne can use what you have and pick out the gaps so you don't end up with a Make up graveyard of products you don't use.






This is what Joanne said about Rozlyne Vidal's Make Up Lesson

"I only ever wore make-up for special occasions, and always applied it using guess work. When Rozlyne told me I would me making up half of my face like a professional (she showed me on the other side), I didn’t believe her. She was a great teacher. I especially loved learning about contouring and highlighting- 2 things I never knew about applying make-up, and yet make such a difference! The great thing was, she used my make-up where possible, and advised what I should buy to fill my gaps. A little more practice, with the help of my notes, and I’ll be able to have a professional look for those special occasions, and a natural look each day. Thanks for such a fun and educational experience Rozlyne. It was a great day!”

Click here to book your Make Up Lesson with Rozlyne

Quick and Easy Make Up Tips by Make Up Artist Rozlyne Vidal

As a special treat, I have asked Rozlyne to share some of her secrets with us. I highly recommend a one-on-one Make Up lesson, which I did last year, and I feel so much confident in applying make up, experimenting with colours, using the right tools etc. All thanks to Rozlyne's enthousiasm!

Rozlyne's Tips 
1. Always use a Primer before you apply your foundation. It will make the foundation last and look more even (Armani primer and MAC Primer are great and Clarins also has a great product to prepare the base of your make up called “Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch”).

2. The best way to test your foundation colour is to apply it to your jawline if you can't see the colour, it is the right one for you. If the colour stands out for being too light or dark it is not the correct shade, keep looking! The inside of the wrist is not necessarily a great match to the skin tone of your face. Always apply your make-up in a well lit room with natural light.
3. Use light shimmery colours when you want to make an area bigger or where light hits your face; like the top of your cheekbones (this is called highlighting), the centre of the nose, the cupid's bow of your lips, the centre of your chin and inner corner of your eyes (MAC has a great Pigment that works well called vanilla).
4. Use Dark and matte shades when you want to draw less attention to an area (this is called contouring); like the bottom of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and also the sides of the nose, the temples of your forehead up to the hair line, your neck muscles on either side and for extra cleavage a v-shape in the décolletage  (The secret is to use to an angle brush MAC do a great one it is number no 169).
5. Only apply blush to the "apples"  of your face that appear when you have a big smile.
6. When it comes to applying eye colours the secret is use a combination of lighter (near inner corner and underneath eye brow) to darker colours towards the edge of the eye. Then Blend, Blend, Blend with a blending brush (MAC no 239) or your fingers to make the edges smooth and the overall look is amazing.
7. Apply  a cream or white pencil to the inner part of the lower lid to make your eyes appear larger (newsreaders have been using this trick for years!)
8. To prevent lips from bleeding, apply a lip pencil in a colour matching to your lip colour and fill in the whole lip to make your lipstick last. Apply a little gloss for some extra glamour.
9. Give your brushes a regular wash with hot water, shampoo and conditioner to clean out all the excess oils. Dry them off with a towel and let them air-dry really well before the next use. You will be amazed how nice and soft they turn out.
10. Remember to allow enough time to apply your make-up and practice makes perfect!

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Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
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A Style Angel Guide to Skin Fitness

Well the one thing women and men all have in common is that we have SKIN and HAIR  - but do we all know  how to properly look after it?   

Our skin is our largest living organ  and plays a vital role in detoxification and general good health - How you look after it will determine if you have beautiful glowing skin, or dull, dehydrated and congested skin.


  • The most important step to have dynamite skin is getting into a regime  - it takes 28 days to form a habit – so starting with the basics of a good PH Balanced cleanser is going to set you in the right direction.   Soap and  Water just doesn’t cut it !  Once you start your regime stick with it and promise yourself “THOU SHALT NOT CREATE ANOTHER COSMETICS GRAVEYARD"
  • Whatever your skincare regime, it should include a cleanser and a day and night moisturiser. Your Day Creme is your Protector and your Night Cream is your CORRECTOR!  We have the highest rate of skin cancer related deaths in Australia than any other Country in the world, so an SPF in your Day Moisturiser is a MUST
  • If you’re looking for something extra to incorporate into your routine, serums are a great way to deliver active elements to the skin.   I think of Sex and the City when I think of Serums ....just like a Cosmopolitan – Your Serum is your cocktail for the skin that improves the skin surface and leaves it glowing.
  • What is also important is treating the eye area where the skin is at its thinnest and where we often show the first signs of premature ageing.  Your mantra regarding eye creams should be that “They are mandatory – just like wearing a seat belt !”

Removing dead skin cells by using a gentle exfolient , a Deep Pore Cleansing Masque or a Fruit Based ENZYME PEEL 2-3 times a week makes a dramatic difference to your skin health.  As we age, our ability to turn over skin cells begins to slow down, so we need to manually exfoliate the dead skin cells to allow  the nutrients, vitamins , and minerals penetrate deeper to nourish the new skin cells that are forming.

Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist and Denise Farrell
Style Angel Corporation Pty Ltd
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Joanne's Head to Toe Make Over Journey - Part 4 Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Gift Pack

As part of Joanne's Make Over Journey she also received a Gift Pack from Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics worth over $100.


The Gift pack consisted of the following products that are all available on Ere Perez's website or at your nearest retailer.

Natural 3 step make up by Ere Perez

Who is Ere Perez?
I am a make up lover, Mexican born and bred and a proud Aussie for the last seven years. I am a dietician by career and a naturopath.
My family in Mexico has been working in natural therapies for a long time. My grandad is a natural medicine man still. For years he has studied the healing properties of the plants. He was my inspiration to use the benefits of nature on products that are used by women on day to day basis. That is how I started designing a range of natural products that I consider them to be “more than a cosmetic…”

What made you start a Natural Cosmetics line?
I just love natural therapies and designing natural makeup makes it a fun and girly job… Why? Because I love fashion, good looks and a healthy lifestyle and most of all - I love women. I think wearing makeup can be used to speed up confidence in seconds, so girls can easily achieve what they want and instantly feel better about themselves.

What do your clients love about Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics?
They are natural and nourishing, plus they look good and all the hues are very wearable and mistake proof, they are affordable with good quality packaging.

What is your favorite rosehip oil Lipbar?
Love the nude is a must have a great natural colour and very nourishing plus also protects from the sun.
Could you share one of your Cosmetic secrets with us?
I use raw honey all over my face twice a month for 30 min is a great healing mask good for scars, and dry skin.

Check out the latest Ere Perez product

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Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
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Estee Lauder's Beauty Secret

I read a lovely beauty Secret from Estee Lauder in December's Harper's Bazaar from Aerin Lauder who is currently Creative Director of Estee Lauder.

Ts  Ts 2 Ts 3

"Spray some fragrance on a Mason Pearson Hairbrush before using it to make your hair smell divine"

You'll be able to invite Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Carolyn Murphy and Hilary Rhoda into your home — via the web, that is.  The site offers behind the scenes snip bits from the advertising campaigns as well as expert tips for getting that supermodel look at home.

The newly revamped site now features interactive diagnostic tools and step-by-step instruction videos, as well as plenty of makeup and skin care tips. According to WWD it's been designed to take the guesswork out of shopping online. Elana Drell-Szyfer, senior vice president of global marketing for Estée Lauder stated, “These new online tools help us to provide the consumer with a seamless experience from the web site to the counter.”

My favourite aspect is the foundation and skin care finders, which help you find your match in each category. You're taken through a series of analytical questions that are suprisingly detailed. There are also personal profiles for Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Rhoda and Carolyn Murphy that explain their current beauty must-have products and what they wear for the campaigns.

If you want some makeup artist tips on getting that perfect smoky eyed look or ladylike lipstick, then check out the great step-by-step instructional videos. You can also live chat with the Estée Lauder customer service advisors so you can feel as though you're at the beauty counter,when you're lazing around in your pajamas. As though we needed anything else to make shopping for beauty products more appealing!

Blog written by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
Style Angel Corporation Pty Ltd
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New Make Up by Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics



AT LAST! The very fine and natural icing on the cake of natural makeup: the long-awaited new Natural Calendula Face Dust and Natural Face Blender Brush from Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics are here!  

The new Face Dust comes in just three tones: light, medium and dark – which can be used on their own or blended together to create the perfect match on any day.  The Face Dust is accompanied by the compact Natural Face Blender Brush that gives perfect blending and easy, even application. It’s also very cute! 

Ere Perez Natural Calendula Tinted Face Dust – The healthier choice Ere_Perez_Face Dust for a seamless and weightless foundation. Calendula is a flower that has natural properties to heal and care for the skin and the beautiful airy face dust gives light to medium coverage that looks fresh and natural and it doesn’t clog pores to achieve a fresh, natural look that prepares the face for colour makeup. 
Preservative, talc and oil free, the finely milled powder is composed completely of natural elements to help to clear the skin of toxins, promote healthy skin cell growth and fight the aging process. Simply DIP, TAP AND DUST!
Ere Perez Natural Calendula Tinted Face Dust comes in a gorgeous, round and practical container, easy to take any wear and fuss free.  RRP $39.90


For best results we recommend applying with the new Ere Perez Natural Face Blender Brush: A cute, small, chunky and super soft brush that has been especially made to hold and apply powder makeup all over the face and neck.  This beautiful brush, designed for blending has a beautifully rounded brush head to gently buff powder into the skin. The small handle is also easy to use and small enough to fit in your handbag.  RRP 34.90

To find your Closest store that stocks Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics just click here.

Ere Perez provides a wide range of beauty products from natural cosmetics and mineral makeup to other skin care products. We offer beauty tips online and provide natural products in the cosmetics and makeup range. For the animal conscious, we also offer vegan cosmetics & vegan makeup. Our beauty products are some of the best in the world and we pride ourselves on our organic skin care and natural makeup lines. For your convenience, you can now buy cosmetics online from the comfort of your own home or office.

For NSW retailers just scroll down for your closest suburb.

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