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10% off when you sign-up to! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

Make Up Tips by Rozlyne Vidal

Make Up Workshop with Rozlyne Vidal Rozlyne Vidal Image

Rozlyne is running her last Make Up Workshop of the year on Thursday, 19th of November 2009 at 7.30pm at the Style Angel Studio, 1 Bracken Close, Engadine. Tickets are $40!

 Call us on 02 9520 9940 for your tickets (ONLY a Few left!)

These nights are always fun and you will learn lots on what works for you!

Quick and Easy Make Up Tips by Make Up Artist Rozlyne Vidal

As a special treat, I have asked Rozlyne to share some of her secrets with us. I highly recommend a one-on-one Make Up lesson, which I did last year, and I feel so much confident in applying make up, experimenting with colours, using the right tools etc. All thanks to Rozlyne's enthousiasm!

Rozlyne's Tips 
1. Always use a Primer before you apply your foundation. It will make the foundation last and look more even (Armani primer and MAC Primer are great and Clarins also has a great product to prepare the base of your make up called “Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch”).

2. The best way to test your foundation colour is to apply it to your jawline if you can't see the colour, it is the right one for you. If the colour stands out for being too light or dark it is not the correct shade, keep looking! The inside of the wrist is not necessarily a great match to the skin tone of your face. Always apply your make-up in a well lit room with natural light.
3. Use light shimmery colours when you want to make an area bigger or where light hits your face; like the top of your cheekbones (this is called highlighting), the centre of the nose, the cupid's bow of your lips, the centre of your chin and inner corner of your eyes (MAC has a great Pigment that works well called vanilla).
4. Use Dark and matte shades when you want to draw less attention to an area (this is called contouring); like the bottom of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and also the sides of the nose, the temples of your forehead up to the hair line, your neck muscles on either side and for extra cleavage a v-shape in the décolletage  (The secret is to use to an angle brush MAC do a great one it is number no 169).
5. Only apply blush to the "apples"  of your face that appear when you have a big smile.
6. When it comes to applying eye colours the secret is use a combination of lighter (near inner corner and underneath eye brow) to darker colours towards the edge of the eye. Then Blend, Blend, Blend with a blending brush (MAC no 239) or your fingers to make the edges smooth and the overall look is amazing.
7. Apply  a cream or white pencil to the inner part of the lower lid to make your eyes appear larger (newsreaders have been using this trick for years!)
8. To prevent lips from bleeding, apply a lip pencil in a colour matching to your lip colour and fill in the whole lip to make your lipstick last. Apply a little gloss for some extra glamour.
9. Give your brushes a regular wash with hot water, shampoo and conditioner to clean out all the excess oils. Dry them off with a towel and let them air-dry really well before the next use. You will be amazed how nice and soft they turn out.
10. Remember to allow enough time to apply your make-up and practice makes perfect!

Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist
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Cost Per Wear - Easy Steps to get More wear out of your Wardrobe! W702208waw_th Scarfe_gr_th Fash4_returntowork_lrg_05 Access_685_lrg 2 Fash4_returntowork_lrg_06
It is a tempting time at the shops at the moment as on one side you will have great discounts of 30-50% off last season's stock and on the other side the new looks for Spring. Great timing to have a good look at your current wardrobe to analyse what the "Cost per Wear" is of the items in your wardrobe.

As a Fashion Stylist I regularly see overflowing wardrobes (both Women's and Men's) and my Clients still have a feeling of "I have nothing to Wear" every day. Sounds Familiar...?

Well there are a few Easy steps to take and some of my secrets I share with my Clients during my consultations:

1.    Go through your Wardrobe every 3-4 months, you will be juiced about items you have not seen for a while. In the April newsletter I have shared tips on how I do this for my clients. Just click here to get the Style Angel insights

2.     A crucial rule in acquiring a wardrobe of great looking, useful and cost effective clothes is to consider what you need and how much to spend, both annually and on each item. Rarely do we stop to think of what our clothes are really costing us to wear. Commonly inexpensive items can be found to be expensive if worn infrequently, while expensive garments can be found to be inexpensive if they are worn often.

Before purchasing another garment take the time to study this Cost per Wear Formula.

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The Art of Accessorising - Quick Tips for Her and Him

0809_m1o Bag2 Becca_best_palette Tie

Accessorising is the quickest way of really getting value out of your wardrobe as you can make the same outfit look totally different just by wearing a different necklace, shoes and handbag and for guys a tie, cufflinks.

Accessorising can change your mood and you can be certain that it brings in the compliments as people notice the effort.

By choosing the right pieces that really make your eyes stand out, suit your face shape and are in harmony with your proportions you are on to a flying start to looking great!  

Quick Tips for Her:

AR0172  0809_m9o Shoes_isec1134323 6013B501111

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Shopping in Your Own Wardrobe

I have a seen a recent shift in client's desire to get real with their wardrobe and I have helped clean up many of my client's wardrobes over the last months before hitting the shops for a shopping expedition. They discovered "The Staples", "The Goners", "The What was I thinking?", "The Unexpected Stayers and Great Buys" and the "Fantastic Colours". But most importantly we simplified their wardrobe, identified the Gaps and created a good starting point. One of my online clients called it "Shopping In My Wardrobe" and I just love that so hopefully it will inspire you to do the same!

I have said it before in previous newsletters but over and over I see people being extremely bored and unhappy with their wardrobe and needless to say only the favorites get worn leaving about 80% sitting there gathering dust (and working on your conscience). If you do the sums that works out to be at least $6000 tied up in your wardrobe with items you don't like and don't wear.

So why not take a different approach and stop this cycle this month and set a goal for having a wardrobe where you love all of it! The weather is getting cooler so a perfect time to start.

Here are some Quick Tips:

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Wearing Your Best Colours.....the Quickest Way to Lots of Compliments

Wearing Your Best Colours.....the Quickest Way to Lots of Compliments PART 1
The impact of colour should never be underestimated. Some colours enhance your appearance, giving you an image of health, youth and vitality, while other colours detract, leaving you looking tired, old and ill. 
Your best Colours are based on the tone of your skin, the colour of your eyes and hair and we highly recommend getting your Colour Season confirmed by a Colour Consultant every 6 to 8 years. Of course we would love to assist you!! Over time your best colours will change as your skin, hair and eyes change colour and intensity, you will find that the colours you used to be able to wear you can't pull off anymore. 

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Tailoring Tips for Him

Tailoring Tips For HIM

Here are some great tips for the Guys so feel free to pass them on to your Husband, Boyfriend, Dad, Brother or Friend.

Perfect Fit
When it comes to finding the right suit jacket it is important to consider button placement, lapels, sleeves, pockets and vents.

A rule of thumb in choosing the correct buttoning is that the middle button of a three button jacket or the top button of a two button jacket is positioned at your navel. Always leave your bottom button undone!

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Tailoring Tips for Her

Tailoring Tips for Her

Looking after your investments that hang in your wardrobe or investments you are contemplating is crucial. On our recent holiday in Phuket we were inundated with tailors who promise everything under the Sun but do they deliver....? After two disappointing tailor experiences in Bangkok we were skeptical but we were pleasantly surprised to find a fresh concept developed by Amorn and his Wife Renu on the island of Phuket that made the whole experience pleasant and successful. Below you find some useful tips on what to look for in the fit of your garments! 

Tips For HER

Perfect Fit

The Perfect Jacket is very personal and depends on your body shape, height and length of your legs. Jackets with three buttons offer women the best all round look. Make sure that at least one button sits on the natural waistline. The length of your jacket is crucial, a jacket length that comes to your knuckles is flattering on most women. If you feel that this length is not sufficient enough to cover your thighs it will need to be lengthened to suit your proportions.

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Style Angel Wardrobe Secrets

Are you one of the many people who buys an item here and there on an impulse without any structure and without knowing for certain if a) it will go with anything in your wardrobe b) the colour and style suit you  c) you feel comfortable in it and d) you have asked yourself if you love it?
You most likely wear 20% of your wardrobe most of the time and the remaining 80% you just don't touch on a regular basis. You will be shocked to discover that on the basis of you having 100 garments in your wardrobe at an average price of $75, which is an average for most women, this works out to be at least $6000 (100 x $75 x 80%) sitting in your wardrobe doing NOTHING. 

Style Angel Wardrobe Secrets...
Are you excited about your wardrobe or do you struggle with what to wear every morning and can special occasions send you in a spin as you don't know what to wear? In today's economy with financial pressures all around you why would you not want to be well-equipped with all the information, tools and tips on what enhances your best features so you shop (and purchase) with confidence knowing you are building a wardrobe that you can mix and match, a wardrobe you get excited about and a wardrobe that helps you get ready in the morning.
So how do you get there: 

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Your Style and Your Body Shape

So what are the 6 Female Body Shapes....
1. Hourglass -A body shape that has a well balanced upper and lower body with a well defined waist.
Nigella Lawson                                      Marilyn Monroe

2. Triangle - The most common female body shape with a bottom-heavy frame arising from narrow shoulders, a small waist and a heavy bottom. You might also know it as a Pear Shape.
Halle Berry                                Kate Winslet                                  Meryl Streep
3. Inverted Triangle - A body shape that has an upper-body-heavy frame arising from a large bust and proportionally narrow hips.    
Angelina Jolie                           Anonymous Model

4. Rectangle - A common body shape that has a columnar boxy silhouette that comes through in a similar circumference of the bust, waist and hips. 
                 Gwyneth Paltrow                                          Nicole Kidman

5 & 6 Oval and 
Diamond- Body shapes that have a undefined waist, a large low (Oval) or high (Diamond) stomach and a tendency to have love handles. The hips are broad and the upper thighs are generous. This woman may also have either a large or a flat bottom.  
                 Kathy Bates

So What Styles suit your Body Shape.... 

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