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Empowering Women Career Chat - North Shore 19th April 2011

Yes my Arbonne business is growing and that is super exciting. I am looking for great women to join my Arbonne marketing team. We have our next Empowering Women Career Chat in Cremorne on the 19th of April at 6.45pm.

The kind of woman I am looking for is someone who is looking for additional or residual income, flexible hours and recognition. The right person is positive, happy and fun to be around, someone who is self motivated, a great communicator, professional, well groomed and coachable. If they have sales experience great or perhaps always wanted to or own their own business. We have the most diverse and incredible team of girls in Australia so the right person will fit right in! We offer incredible rewards, income and recognition as well as a Mercedes Benz Lease program! Very exciting!

Arbonne has been around for 31 years and is sold in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, with lots more countries to open up over the next 10 years. We are a global company and fit right in with the Skin Care and Beauty industry online trend as 98% of our clients order online.  Arbonne is the only company in the world that offers Ultra Premium products with swiss alpine water and botanicals direct to market so the prices are very affordable. The products compare to La Prairie and La Mer so top of the line. The products are free from any animal products and petroleum based products and chemical fragrances that cause skin irritations. We have incredible formulations that turn back the clock and signs of aging like pigmentation, dark circles, deep pores and fine lines!

It would also be my pleasure to host a Saturday afternoon for you and your girlfriend by running a Swiss Beauty Workshop. These events are free and I have them designed to educate women on pure, safe and beneficial skin care as well as just a lovely pamper session as we just don't have enough of that in our life! The best group is 6 to 8 women and around the coffee table is great. All of them will experience the amazing Arbonne anti-aging skin care and cosmetics products and leave feeling relaxed.  For you the host I have lots of gifts and savings up to 80%, Arbonne is VERY generous!

Come and Joine me at the North Shore Team Global Empowering Women Career Chat

Tuesday 19 April  2011

Cammeray Golf Club
Park Avenue,     CREMORNE, 2090

6.45pm for a 7.00pm start
RSVP on beauty@styleangel.com or call Angela on 02 9520 9940

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The Virtual Hair Styler

10% off when you sign-up to TheHairStyler.com! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

10% off when you sign-up to TheHairStyler.com! Use code STYLEAPRIL. Expires 04/30.

Join Me at Tynan Mercedes Miranda for our Empowering Women Career Chat

I would love to extend this invitation to you for this coming Monday night 4th of April at Tynan Mercedes in Miranda!

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn more money whilst running your existing business, do you like flexible working hours, do you love working from home? Well I have an amazing opportunity as I am looking for business partners to join my Arbonne international marketing team.

Oh and did I tell you.... there are amazing rewards such as a Mercedes Benz Car, Tiffany Jewelry and 5 Star holidays to name a few!

The empowering women events are very inspirational and I believe you will have a great night!

Contact Angela Barbagallo on 02 9520 9940 to RSVP or email beauty@styleangel.com

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“It is when we conquer our internal world that we experience true success.”
                                          Immik Partington, Leadership Coach and NLP Practitioner

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We all deserve to live a fulfilled, passionate and fearless life!  Coaching  provides the necessary support, guidance, accountability and fresh perspective to help you achieve your goals.  Coaching is like no other conversation you will have, it is a  judgement free space that is completely dedicated to supporting you.
By working with a Immik, you can:-
Take your business to the next level and become the leader you know you are!
Clear away the frustration – be inspired, empowered and transform yourself!
Realise what your goals are and more importantly, how to achieve them!
Replace limiting belief systems.
Release emotional ties to unwanted past memories.
Enhance your communication skills and the way you interact with family, friends and
colleagues .
Have someone hold you accountable for your goals and dreams.
Bring more fun & energy in to your life.
Use more empowering language to create incredible results for yourself.
Live at your full potential as your authentic self.
Deepen your sense of self confidence.
Be in control of your focus, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes – your whole
experience of life!

What people are saying...

My business was evolving at a rapid speed and I felt I needed some guidance and advice to take the next step in my professional life, as well as to manage my personal growth. I had heard great things about IS Coaching and Immik quickly and effectively helped me set & begin achieving my goals. I’ve stopped feeling overwhelmed and finally feel empowered! IS Coaching has taught me so many invaluable skills that I now use daily in both my personal and professional relationships. I only wish I had found IS Coaching sooner!
Taryn/Wink Models Australia

With my marriage falling apart, a child with special needs and a career that seemed like it was going nowhere I crossed paths with the most remarkable woman I have ever come in to contact with. Immik has been a listening ear when all I wanted to do was scream and run away from my life.  I have had to hear some very difficult words during my coaching sessions, however Immik has been accepting, non-judgemental, challenging yet supportive.  
Immik has helped me to tear down the walls that I have built up due to bitterness and to find my softer, more tender self. Immik has helped me to cry again, something that I have not done for years.  Immik has helped me to define my goals and to reach for everything that I am passionate about. 
I am forever grateful for Immik and for having her in my life. 
Paula, Canberra Australia

I am a completely different person now that I have worked with Immik. The focus and direction that I have now is unrivaled in previous years, and I look forward to a new year of passion-motivated action and adventure. I have cleared out old limiting thinking, dealt with some old ghosts and have an excitement about doing life that I haven't had in a very long time.

Thanks Immik! You are a rockstar!

Michelle, Canberra Australia


To find out if coaching is right for you please email immik@innersuccess.com.au or call 0417 699 981

Style Angel Wardrobe Secrets

Style Angel Wardrobe Secrets...

Are you excited about your wardrobe or do you struggle with what to wear every morning and can special occasions send you in a spin as you don't know what to wear? In today's economy with financial pressures all around you why would you not want to be well-equipped with all the information, tools and tips on what enhances your best features so you shop (and purchase) with confidence knowing you are building a wardrobe that you can mix and match, a wardrobe you get excited about and a wardrobe that helps you get ready in the morning.

Here are the steps to get there!
1. Organise your Wardrobe

This process is known to bring back memories and can be quite emotional. So do this when you are feeling great and inspired! A great idea is to take a photo at this moment and one at the end so you can see the difference.
It may be an idea to have a friend or family member on hand to help you during this process to make tough decisions, to get a second opinion, to relive the moments and perhaps to hand you a tissue if you are finally saying goodbye to certain items.

Make sure that you have plenty of time to do this job as you may want to try a few items on. Have a glass of water at hand as this is quite an intense and dusty process.

It is a great idea to wear your best supporting lingerie, do your hair and make up for when you try things on.

Be prepared to take everything out of your wardrobe so perhaps clear your bed so you can put a few things on. If you have a mobile clothing rack even better.

It would be advisable to sort things out per type of garments i.e assess all your pants first then all your skirts and dresses. Then move on to Shirts/Blouses and Tops followed by Jackets, Jumpers and Vests. Next are Jewellery, scarfs, belts, hosiery, shoes and handbags.

Start three piles:

    1. KEEPERS Pile of Items to Keep, sort these by Garment Category (pants, skirts, shirts etc) on your bed or clothing rack.
    • Those that require no alterations to fit or proportion.
    • Those that are in harmony with your personality.
    • Those that are comfortable to wear and fit well.
    • Those that flatter your figure and make you feel good.
    • Those that are in good condition and repair.
    2. MAYBES Pile Items that Need Attention
    (make sure you putting your $ in the right direction, no need to spend money on a piece of clothing that will then remain in the wardrobe and not get worn!)

    3. GIVEAWAYS & THROW AWAYS Items That Need to be Given Away or Discarded (please sort these in separate piles)
It would be great to have a few large heavy duty plastic bags ready for things you would like to discard.

2. Set a Time to Go Purpose Shopping

Now you have a real picture of your wardrobe set some time aside to find the Gaps in your wardrobe.

Over the last 11 years, Personal Stylist Angela Barbagallo has assisted over 1000 women and men from Sydney and the rest of Australia and even International clients regain their style and improve their overall look.

In our experience we find that people only wear about 20% of their wardrobe almost 80% of the time and if you do the sums this works out to be around $6000 sitting in your wardrobe with the tags still on it, the wrong colour or fit working on your conscience.

Angela’s clients know that with the help of a professional Style and Colour Expert they are investing wisely in themselves and will have a wardrobe filled with items and colours that they love wearing with confidence. You will be filled with tips and tools to make great choices in the future so you have a wardrobe that works for you!

A personal styling experience is incredibly personal and even though there are certain style and colour basics that apply to each body type and skin tone, everyone is different and many client’s have placed their trust in Angela to help create their unique style. Different body issues commonly come up for clients and it is wonderful to help them choose outfits and colours that enhance their assets.

Angela grew up in a Fashion Family and has been groomed for a Personal Styling role throughout her life. You will be able to read from her clients’ testimonials that she has a very kind yet no-nonsense nature and is solely driven by you feeling fantastic, confident and excited about your wardrobe and the way you look! Nothing gives Angela more satisfaction than clients saying …”I never thought I would be able to wear that outfit” or “How exciting to have more colour in my wardrobe”.

Blog posted by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist and Independent Arbonne Consultant
Style Angel Corporation Pty Ltd
1 Bracken Close   Engadine NSW 2233 Australia
    Ph  02 9520 9940   Fax 02 9520 9018  Mob 0407 032 531
angela@styleangel.com   www.styleangel.com 

©Style Angel Corporation 2011

Oscar Dresses 2011

I LOVE the Oscars and don't think I missed any events in the last 20 years!!

Yesterday again was a feast to the eye and basically I want ALL of the dresses... but I have to be sensible as going up the escalator to Myer and doing a shopping experience in one of them is nearly impossible. And at the local Pub I would look seriously out of place!

Here are some of my picks and my worst one as well at the bottom.

Picture 28 Picture 29


NOT SO GOOD Amy Adams, the neckline, the hair looks messy, the necklace does not suit the dress and screams for skin..... what a shame as she is a gorgeous woman and her canvas is amazing!

Picture 27

Blog posted by Angela Barbagallo, Fashion Stylist and Independent Arbonne Consultant
Style Angel Corporation Pty Ltd
1 Bracken Close   Engadine NSW 2233 Australia
    Ph  02 9520 9940   Fax 02 9520 9018  Mob 0407 032 531
angela@styleangel.com   www.styleangel.com 

©Style Angel Corporation 2011

Be pampered, be healthy and look a million buck$

Just about to start a Swiss Beauty Workshop at Fernwood Blacktown with Club Owner and fellow Arbonne Consultant Lee-anne!

We are both so passionate about educating women on skin care that not only stops the anti aging process but also makes fine lines, pigmentation and dark circles disappear!

I would love to educate YOUR guests too! You will be pampered and showered with gifts!

To make your booking email Angela@styleangel.com

Jeans with cuffs.... Yuk

Style Angel Tip of the Day
What's the deal with enormous cuffs on jeans to make them 3/4 pants, especially if the jeans are dark and the cuff lighter....?

The slimmest look is to have full length straight leg jeans no cuff or a Capri style jeans that comes in a little.

Wear dark on bottom and lighter at the top so the attention goes up your body and you look instantly 5 kgs lighter!